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Feb 14 News -
The Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council have issued the following reminder.

HWPC - Neighbourhood Plan

Thank you to all of you who have already completed the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire ..... we would like to hear from many more of you! Just to recap, the Neighbourhood Plan, when complete, will help us all shape the future of our part of the new BCP Council conurbation.

The quickest way to respond is online at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HWNP-1 it only takes a few minutes; also there are ‘hard’ copies available at the Old School House in Lymington Road from a ‘help yourself’ dispenser in the entrance vestibule.

As another reminder, here is the article that appeared in this month's Highcliffe Herald.
Neighbourhood Plan - Your Parish Council wants to hear from YOU!

I would urge everyone who hasn't already done so to give your opinions, and to complete the survey.
After all those years of CBC, with many councillors and council officers often treating residents with utter distain, and doing whatever they wanted, without a thought of consultation, we now have elected oficials who actually want to work for the community, and to hear what residents want.
Let's support them.

Changes - What's On updated

Feb 7 News -
Anyone who might be out late might be interested in a new late night bus on the 1A route.
From February 24, and on Monday to Saturday, a bus will leave Bournemouth Square at 00:05am. It could be useful for anyone going to a show, or dining out. The service is even later coming from the New Milton direction.
Here's the timetable:
Bournemouth Square (Stand O) 00:05
Boscombe, Sovereign Centre (Stand E) 00:15
Jumpers Corner 00:23
Christchurch High Street 00:29
Somerford Sainsbury’s 00:37
Highcliffe, Sea Corner 00:43
Walkford Hotel 00:46
New Milton, Whitefield Road 00:52

Caird Avenue Tesco: 00:59
Walkford Hotel: 01:04
Highcliffe, Sea Corner 01:06
Somerford Sainsbury’s 01:12
Christchurch High Street 01:19
Jumpers Corner 01:24

The whole new timetable from Bournemouth to New Milton Tesco, via Highcliffe obviously, can be seen below.

There's a couple of BCP newsletters:
BCP - What's On - Includes an exhibition at Highcliffe Castle
BCP - Budget Proposal - Council Tax Harminisation

Changes -

Feb 6 News -
The flashing buoy story is more interesting than we thought.
A resident contacted the Marine & Coastguard Agency, who were able to identify it from it's reflectors and markings as being from the USA. It's travelled across the Atlantic, and it's lights are still working!

Unsurprisingly, it seems that it is not worth the owners coming to salvage it, but New Forest District Council have said they will collect it - sometime. That will be a challenge, giving the location.
Maybe it will get washed back out again and continue its travels.

Check here again later, as I have some news on new bus services.

Changes -

Feb 5 News -
A large flashing buoy (had to be careful with the spelling there) turned up on the beach below Barton cliffs, flashing away every five seconds or so.
I'm guessing it is a fairly major channel marker, so may have been missed by someone by now.
If anyone knows where it came from, or who might want it back, please email.

(Click the picture for bigger version)

Changes - What's On updated

Feb 3 News -
Highcliffe Library (and lots of other Dorset libraries) are having a harry Potter Triwizard Tournament this week.
From today until Friday you can just drop in (although Wednesday the library is closed) and wizards, witches and Muggles are invited to take part in a tournament of their own, competing in enchanting games, making magical crafts and testing their skills with an array of activities.
How can you resist?

Now that the new hairdressing salon - Hair On The Cliffe - is open, appropriate business listings and the village plan have been updated.

Changes - What's On updated

Jan 31 News -
Following the successful Neighbourhood Plan Workshop before Christmas the Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council is now undertaking a wider survey of residents views on how the future of the area can be shaped in planning terms.
A full page advert is in February’s edition of the free ‘Highcliffe Herald’ magazine, but you can see it here by clicking below:
Your Parish Council would like to hear from you!

The easiest way to give your views is online at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HWNP-1 . It only takes a few minutes. (There's also a link in the file above.)
You can also pick up a hard copy of the survey from the Parish Council Office entrance, then return it either by hand, or by post.
Just in case anyone doesn't know, the Office is at the Old School House, 254 Lymington Road, Highcliffe, BH23 5ET.

By the way, anyone wanting to comment on the Jesmond Avenue planning application (see item and link on January 29) has until February 14 to do so.
From the huge number of objections to the previous application, I suspect there will be considerable interest.

Changes -

Jan 30 News -
Another release from the new hairdressers, who will be opening on Monday next (February 3)

Following on from our previous message confirming the take over of ‘Faith Hair Design’ on Lymington Road in Highcliffe; we are delighted to announce that HAIR ON THE CLIFFE will be opening it’s doors and starting to take bookings from MONDAY 3rd FEBRUARY 2020.

We are extremely excited to welcome you all and to introduce you to the very professional and knowledgable skills of our stylists and barbers all within a warm and friendly environment.

For more information or to make a booking; please contact Angela direct on (01425) 501053 or at sahara1957@aol.com and she will be more than happy to assist you.

We will be arranging a proper opening evening in a couple of weeks, where we will offer demonstrations and treats for all to enjoy and will release details of this in due course.

Thank you for all the support pre-opening, we look forward to welcoming you to HAIR ON THE CLIFFE next week!

Changes -

Jan 29 News -
There are many flood warnings on Dorset and Hampshire roads from Friday onwards.
Included is the whole road from Ringwood to the Stoney Lane roundabout in Christchurch.
I suggest you check out the situation before you travel too far.

At last, as we knew they would, developers has applied for planning permission for the Jesmond Avenue site.
They want 18 houses and 36 apartments. (That should be cosy on that particulat plot.)
I suspect that there will be people wanting to have a say over this plan, so take a look at application number 8/19/0943/OUT.

Be aware that both the BCP Council’s Arboricultural and Landscape Officers report of December 5, and the Urban Design report of November 29 do NOT supporting the development.
Also, the Planning Applicants Transport Statement of January 2020, by Paul Basham Associates, acknowledges there is inadequate parking, particularly for visitors.

Yet more on the Faith Hair premises, which are being taken over. The new business has released some more information, and are also looking for stylists and barbers.
As is usual, we will do what we can to help new Highcliffe businesses, so see their statement in full below.
SUBJECT: One Salon Closes, Another Salon Opens! New Hair Salon on Lymington Road in Highcliffe

Good morning!
My business partner, Cam and I are delighted to announce that we have taken over from Faith Hair Design on Lymington Road in Highcliffe and will be re-opening as a brand new hair salon; HAIR ON THE CLIFFE!

With the two of us having many years in the industry and already with 3 successful salons between us in the local area; we are very excited to bring our combined style of the highest quality service and professionalism alongside a varied range of hair treatments. All of which created within an eclectic, warm and welcoming environment with the most knowledgeable, talented and friendly staff.

HAIR ON THE CLIFFE will be offering something for all with woman, men and children all being catered for; so whether you are looking for complete hair transformation or are bringing your toddler for their first hair trim, all will be welcome and can expect the same level of skill and approachable service!

We will be releasing our opening date shortly and will then be looking forward to throwing our doors open to meet you all... Once open, you will of course be more than welcome to pop in for a cheeky look around to see what hair services we provide within the new salon surroundings and take advantage of a free consultation!

Angela & Cam xx


We are looking for a team of highly skilled, knowledgable and professional people with a passion for all things hair and styling to work in a warm, welcoming and friendly new business.

For more information or to apply; please contact Angela direct on (07782) 215342.

Changes - What's On updated

Jan 27 News -
Yet more news about Faith Hair, which closed last Friday.
The shop has been taken over, and will be reopening - still as a hairdressing business - as "Hair On The Cliffe".
Very best of luck to Angela and Cam in their new venture.
More details when I have them.

Those of us of a certain vintage may well remember one of the big groups of the 1960s, The Merseybeats.
They are coming to Highcliffe Sports & Social Club on Friday February 28. Tickets are £20.
Amazingly, the two main singers and guitarists are the original band menbers.
They will be supported by New Amen Corner, but I don't know how many of them are originals.

I can't see too much to get over excited about on the planning front at present. It's mostly people trying to improve existing homes.
Email me if you know differently.

Changes - What's On updated

Jan 22 News -
A while ago I reported that I had heard that Faith Hair in Lymington Road was closing down on January 10, the information coming from a regular and reliable source.
Almost immediately, the business owner demanded that I remove the article, as it wasn't true. I did so, and apologised online.

Now it seems that the only part of my news that was incorrect was the date. See the article below, which comes from the salon itself.
Faith Hair Design Ltd

Monday at 14:50 ·

END OF AN ERA. The salon will be closing for business this Friday 24th January. We thank you all for being amazing followers and customers over the past 5 fantastic years. We are all starting a new Journey. Marie will be going Mobile 07976590142, Bev will be mobile 07551007790, Amy Nkwanyana is mobile 07450256236 and trading from Strands in New Milton, Emily will be carrying on her NVQ at Strands in New Milton, Amy Bee is due her little baby boy in March and Claire is taking a break from Hairdressing, Chevy is mobile 07709218711 and trading from Pretty Soul in New Milton.
Sorry for any inconvenience. All the staff are on Facebook if you want to contact them.
Thank you for all your support with our little shop xx

The Highcliffe Beach Clean on Sunday was another big success, with 57 people on the beach. 25 of those were first timers, and 6 new sign ups from people walking past.
40 bags of litter were collected, weighing in at 41.69kg, and that doesn't include the big items that were found, such as the pallet and lobster pot. There's photos on the facebook page:

On that page there is also pointer to a Valentine's Day at Castle Beach. (Friday 14, 10:30 - 12:30.)

Changes - What's On updated

Jan 19 News -
Final reminders:
Highcliffe Beach Clean today, starting at 10:30am
Also today, Active Highcliffe starts at 11am (until 3pm) at the Castle. Organised by Highcliffe Rotary, it's to show what the area can offer you.

Not much on the planning front this week. Highcliffe Castle Kitchen wants to change and replace some bits and pieces, and alter the signage by the main entrance on the main road.
Take a look at application 8/19/1512/FUL below.

- What's On updated

Jan 15
News -
Last Sunday's Beach Clean at Friar's Cliff was another sucess, with 86 people turning out, including 50 first timers.
(The lovely weather helped I guess.)

The first Highcliffe Beach Clean of the year takes place this coming Sunday, January 19, from 10:30am - 12.30pm.
As usual, meet at Groyne H5 below the Cliffhanger Cafe.

While on the subject of beach cleans, all the year's dates for both Friar's Cliff and for Highcliffe, are now listed on the What's On page, right up until January 2021.

- What's On updated

Jan 10
News -
Many apologies to all concerned.
It seems that the information I was given about Faith Hair closing was incorrect, despite coming from a normally very reliable source.

I still don't know how the story came about, or why the source was so certain, but many apologies to Marie the owner.

There's a BCP newsletter:
BCP - What's On News
All kinds of stuff. from Bird Watch, to concerts, to the annual temporary ice rink


Jan 9
News -
Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I've been unwell and unable to get out and about.

However, there are a couple of items to mention.
On Sunday next (January 12) ses the first beach clean of the year at Friars Cliff.
Meet at 10:30am at Steamer Point Wave Wall as normal. New faces are always extremely welcome.

Here's a plea that I've made many times before. Highcliffe Friends In Need, who provide volunteer driver services to take locals to medical appointments, and return them home, are in dire need of more drivers.
You won't be out of pocket, and there's no set times or days to commit to. Even occasional availability would be a great help.
Have a think about it please. Even a hour or two now and then would help neighbours who would otherwise struggle to get to doctor, dentist, or hospital appointments. Take a look at the file below, and consider if you will give Cressida a call.
Highcliffe Friends In Need

There's a BCP newsletter:
BCP - Library News, What's On

- What's On updated

Jan 3
News -
Reference the survey from Martyn Underhill (Dorset's Police and Crime Commisioner). The one is entitled "Would you be willing to pay for extra policing?".
Be aware that Mr Underhill and members of his team will be at Saisbury's on Monday morning to seek the public's views.
He'll be there from 9:30 until 11:30am.

Other locations they are visiting can be seen on the latest Neighbourhood Alert offering.


Jan 1
News -
Happy New Year everyone. I hope it is a good one for all of you, and for Highcliffe.
I think that with all the good work being done by so many people, the village will be an even better place to be this year.

(By the way, I have been wished a happy new decade. Unfortunately, that is another year away. 2020 is the end of a decade, not the start of a new one.)

- What's On updated

Dec 30
News -
One of the local annual traditions once again took place on Christmas Day (I believe for the 14th year) when the Beach Hut Cafe opened from 11am until 1pm.
Thousands of mince pies, and hundreds of bottles of mulled wine were served by the cafe owners, their family and friends, and numerous members of staff, all of whom gave up their Christmas morning to help raise money for Christchurch Caring Locally in Christchurch Hospital.
The pies and wine were free, but the huge crowd that turned up to support the event made generous donations, which along with the sale of hot drinks, came to - are you ready for this - an amazing £10,087 !
Simply amazing, and in only two hours! Also, if previous years are anything to go by, more donations will follow, from the many people who couldn't get there on the day.

Another annual charity event takes place on New Year's Day, right next to the Beach Hut at Friars Cliff, when members of Christchurch Life Saving Club, and their families and supporters, brave the elements and cold water to take a swim.
It begins on the dot at 12 Noon, and if you are mad enough to want to join them, just turn up between 11 and 11:30am to register.
Proceeds will be shared between Macmillan Caring Locally, and the fund for long awaited, and much needed Club House.

Lots of changes applied for to an application to redevelop 29 Wharncliffe Road, which was originally passed in june 2017. To see the new application - 8/19/1394/CONDR- see below (January 17 is the last date for any comments).

Another application which may be of interest to people in Walkford is a plan to sever land at Solent Road, and build three detatched bungalows. To see application 8/19/1500/FUL, see below.

Neighbourhood Alert page sees another length item from Martyn Underhill (Dorset's Police and Crime Commisioner0. This one is entitled "Would you be willing to pay for extra policing?".

- What's On updated

Dec 26
News -
I hope everyone is having the Christmas they were hoping for. Pity about today's non stop rain.

Before Christmas (December 15) I mentioned the Parish Council organised workshop, aimed at giving local groups the chance to put forward their opinions on ways to improve futire life in Highcliffe.
The Council has now issued a press report on workshop, along with a couple of photos.
See the press release by clicking here.

(As always, click pics for bigger versions)

The Council website can also be visited here:

- What's On updated

Dec 20
News -
Fencing has once again appeared around the proposed development site at Jesmond Avenue. There was a long battle to get the hoarding removed, which it eventually was, as the site was not actually a development site, only a proposed one.
I'm trying to find out the facts behind the latest fencing.

Another of Bernie Farrenden's charity Jazz & Swing concerts is coming up on Sunday, 12 February, at Hoburne Bashley. Proceeds are going to Highcliffe Rotary's chosen charity, the Honeypot Childrens Charity.
These evenings are extremely popular, and always with high class musicians, as well as Bernie's group.
See the poster below for details (tickets direct from Bernie):
Jazz & Swing Charity Concert

- What's On updated

Dec 19
News -
There's more BCP newsletters:
BCP - Useful information for the holiday period
BCP - Waste collection and recycling over the holiday period

It's worth reading these, especially the second one, as it contains useful information.

Martyn Underhill, Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner is resigning after seven years. He has written an open letter to Dorset residents, which can be read in full on the Neighbourhood Alert report below.
Latest Neighbourhood Alert Report

While housekeeping this site, I found quite a number of broken and changed links, especially where groups have changed their website addresses, or have sites for the first time. These are now corrected, but I would ask that if you find any links not working, or incorrect details (contact information especially) please contact me by email so that I can correct any errors.
email me here

- What's On updated
Lots of new stuff here, including details of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Residents Association in January.

Dec 16
News -
While talking about the Highcliffe & Walkford Council yesterday, I forgot to mention that Chairman Bob Hutchings, has written to the chairman of Nationwide over the closure of the Highcliffe branch.
He received a speedy if not altogether unsurprising response from the regional director, Andrew Manning.

Quoting a range of statistics, Mr Manning outlined the society’s case that their facilities are no longer needed in the village because most residents now use other branches. He said it was “a carefully considered decision.”
Cllr Hutchings said: “Mr Manning advised that they were ‘keen to help’ vulnerable members who need extra support during the change.
“He concluded by asking the parish council to direct customers to call into the Christchurch branch or call 0800 554 1225.”

Cllr Hutchings added: “Presumably everyone with an account, if they choose to feel vulnerable, should drop in and say Mr Manning told them to come and seek help. Who knows, the staff might even refund your taxi fare.
We felt we had to write a letter from the parish council but I was not in the least bit surprised by the response.”

Some changes have been applied for to change some aspects of the major (and already approved ) plans for 167-169 Lymington Road.
Take a look at Application 8/19/1389/CONDR here.

- What's On updated

Dec 15
News -
The Parish Council continued to be very pre-active on Friday, when they held a workshop in St Marks Church Hall.
The meeting was well attended by lots of local interest groups, and everyone actively participated, leaving the Councillors with lots of ideas and comments to sift through as they continue to work on an Action Plan for Highcliffe and Walkford.
The next step is to announce the results in the new year, and we'll be able to monitor progress in a number of ways, including the free magazines readily available, and on this website, and of course on the Parish Council website:

This democratic process (unusual, certainly in this area) led by councillors who actually want to listen to, and work for residents, led me to think how extremely lucky Highcliffe is, in that there are many groups and individuals working for the benefit of Highcliffe people, in all sorts of areas.
We have councillors who care, we have HATS, who have already done so much in their short time in existance, there is established groups like Highcliffe Rotary, the HRA, and Highcliffe Charities, raising money for local causes, and helping those in need, we have small groups like Highcliffe & Walkford in Bloom, led by Susan Smith, and of course the Food Festival team, the Charity Players, and many more.
But we also have groups like Highcliffe Friends In Need, led by Cressida Belpin, who help people get to medical appointments and the like. (They are seriously short of volunteer drivers by the way - phone 01425 279328 if you can help.)

Some local businesses also work constantly for local charities as well. Immediately coming to mind are the Beach Hut Cafe and The Amberwood in Walkford. Both have raised tens of thousands over the years, The Beach Hut specifically for Macmillan Caring Locally, and The Amberwood for several local cgroups.
By the way, a reminder that the Beach Hut will once again be giving up their lunch to open on Christmas Day from 11am until 1pm, just to raise money for Macmillan. Mulled wine, mince pies, and the usual drinks will be on offer, with every penny donated or spent going to the charity.

I apologise for not mentioning everyone and every group, but the more you look, the more people and groups you find working for the community. As i said previously, Highcliffe is lucky indeed.

- What's On updated

Dec 11
News -
Don't forget tonight's annual concert by the Salvation Army Band, organised by Highcliffe Rotary.
Entrance is free (but with a collection during the interval) and it starts at 7:45pm.

Monday's public meeting by the Parish Council was well attended.
Here's the follow up statement.
Residents turned out in numbers to voice their opinion on how public money should be spent by Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council.
The meeting at St Mark’s Church Hall was hosted by the parish council chairman, Cllr Bob Hutchings and was aimed at finding out the priorities of the village’s council taxpayers.

The precept levied by the new council, set up under local government reorganisation this year, goes towards funding services and maintaining facilities and open spaces in the Highcliffe and Walkford area.
The precept is £27.58 for a band D property and is dwarfed by the council tax charged BCP Council.
HWPC will have around £164,000 collected from the precept to spend in the next financial year.

Cllr Hutchings: “We really want to know what you the residents would like us to do on your behalf and to improve life in the village, the environment and the amenities.”
He added: “The parish council can play a really important role in making life better for everyone in Highcliffe and Walkford.”

Among the concerns raised by some of the 40 members of the public were the state of the pavements, overgrown weeds, litter and litter bins, safety issues on Lymington Road and the scale of planning applications, particularly the number of flats being built.

Cllr Nigel Brooks said work had begun on framing a Highcliffe and Walkford neighbourhood plan which will set out how the village should develop and be protected in the coming decades.
The process is expected to take around 18 months.

- What's On updated
Estate Agents page updated (Austin & Wyatt removed)

Dec 9
News -
Don't forget tonight's public meeting, being held by Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council to find out what residents want from their councillors.
It's at 7:00pm in St marks Church Hall.

There's another BCP newsletter, which includes what to do if you applied for a postal vote, and have not yet received your voting pack:
BCP - News

Here's a surprise. The Noisy Lobster is applying again for a first floor terrace.
You have until December 29 to make comment.
See Application 8/19/1296/FUL here

There's also a largish demolition and two storey extension application for 8 Castle Avenue.
Neighbours might want to check it out.
See Application 8/19/1402/HOU here

- What's On updated

Dec 4
News -
There's a Charity Fayre this Saturday.
The Amberwood in Walkford is holding the event, which promises to have something for everyone. Running from 10am until 3pm, there will be Homemade Cards, Cakes, Jewellery, Gifts, Handicrafts, Bric a Brac, Tombolla, Competitions and Much More. See some great Christmas gift ideas.
You are invited to bring a friend and enjoy a coffee and a chat.

It's a full day, as the event is followed by the famous annual Pickled Onion Competition at 5pm, then by music from Retro Rita at 8:30pm.)

Take a look at the day's poster.

All proceeds to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital Cancer Unit.

There's more BCP newsletters:
BCP - Railway Strike Action Affecting Services until 20 December
BCP - Library News and Events

Changes - What's On updated.

Dec 1
News -
Here's an opportunity to have you say.

Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council is hosting a public meeting in St Mark’s Church Hall, at 7pm on Monday, December 9.
Come along to meet your parish councillors, and to let them know the things YOU think they should be planning to do in the coming year.

Our parish councillors want to ensure they are aware of what residents opinions are, so take this opportunity.

Changes - What's On updated.

Nov 29
News -
First some news about the announced closure of Nationwide in Lymington Road.
Ex councillor Colin Jamieson has organised a petition in an attempt to get the decision reversed.
I know it can be signed at the Community Association (Greystone House, Waterford Road). It may not make any difference, but doing nothing will achieve precisely that, so it must be worth the effort.

Talking about Waterford Road, Newtown House at number 24, has applied to demolish the building, and erect a block of 23 apartments.
(This after they got permission in 2017 to massively extend the place.)
See the plans below. Comments by December 11.

Also on planning, we knew it was coming, but permission has been granted to redevelop the stretch of Lymington Road from 261 to 275B (the bit where HP Music had to move from).
The plan is to create a mix of shops, houses, and flats. See the details of 8/17/1254FUL (including some minor changes to the original application) below. It's a big project.

There more BCP newsletters.
BCP - Latest News
BCP - What's On in December

Changes - What's On updated.

Nov 25
News -
Friday evening's Christmas Lights event was a big success. The village was buzzing, and big crowds turned out, despite the weather not being wonderful.
Well done HATS, and thank you.

There are photos, video, and comments on the HATS Facebook page.

Sadly, I have received complaints from a very few irate drivers who had delays of 30 minutes or so.
The main gripe is that there was no advance warning of the road closure. I'm not sure how long in advance the signs need to be displayed, but possibly it should be a little longer next time. Just a thought.

There's another BCP newsletter
BCP - Waste and Recycling News

Changes - What's On updated.

Nov 17
News -
It might well be old news for many, especially those who do their banking with Nationwide, but after promising to keep the Lymington Road branch open until at least 2021, Nationwide have now said they will be closing in January.
They say there are branches in New Milton and Christchurch, which is exactly what all the other banks said as they closed our local branches.
It seems Nationwide are no different, except that in some ways they are worse, having persueded lots of residents to move their financial dealing to them, wth their promise to remain open.
See the story below, along with comments from locals.

On a far happier note, Lymington Road will be closed in the early evening next Friday (November 22) so that Santa will be arriving by open top Yellow Bus in time for the Highcliffe Christmas lights to be switched on by Bob Hutchings (Chair of Highcliffe Parish Council) at 6:00pm.
It should be a great evening, with live music, a snow machine, free hot chocolate and mince pies (courtesy of Tesco), Santas Grotto for the kids (sponsored by The Oaks), burgers and hot dogs by Chris Watson (award winning butcher).
There's also a childrens' parade of the Christmas laterns they have been making at Highcliffe library.
Most of the shops will be staying open late as well, and many of them are decorated appropriately.
It is going to be fun, and should not be missed.

Sadly, the planned Rotary organised Tea Party, due to take place on Tuesday, December 3, has had to be cancelled.

There's an important BCP newsletter
BCP - List of candidates for the election on December 12

Changes - What's On updated.

Nov 11
News -
A couple of dates for your diaries.
The very popular annual Salvation Army Christmas Concert, organised by Highcliffe Rotary, is on Wednesday, December 11, starting at 7:45pm, at St Marks Church.
It will be busy, so early arrival is highly recommended. It's a free concert, but with a collection for charities during the interval (when refreshments will be available).

Also organised by Highcliffe Rotary is a Tea Party. It will be on Tuesday, December 3, at 2:30pm.
It's primarily intended for those who live alone, so if you, or anyone you know would like to attend, please phone Tony on 01425 276433.

There's a couple more BCP newsletters
BCP - Latest Travel News and Advice (This one includes the chance to have your say on the Local Plan Consultation.)
BCP - Latest On The Twin Sails Bridge

Changes - What's On updated.

Nov 8
News -
Our recently elected Parish Council has not been idle since selection, and have issued the following press release. You will notice it mentions a newly created website about a proposed Neighbourhood Plan, which is well worth a visit.

The site includes contact information, and a short video about neighbourhood plans.

Press Release from Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council - Neighbourhood Plan

There's been a burglary in Wharncliffe Road. See the Neighbourhood Alert page for details.
The page also includes a lst chance to have your say on Action Fraud, but you'll need to be quick to do so.

Changes - What's On updated.
Village Plan updated to reflect recent changes (including Kiteley's Solicitors move to 333 Lymington Road).
A link to the Parish Council site (see above) added to Front page.

Nov 4
News -
It looks like Daniel's fish and chip shop/restaurant has finally been sold.
It was on the market for a long time, and you may remember that James from Berties was trying to buy it back.
At the time Daniel was trying to sell his whole chain, and James eventually pulled out.
The shop is now called The Catch, and has disappeared from Daniel's website, so it seems he decided to just sell the Highcliffe branch after all.
The Catch appears to be a very large chain, but the Highcliffe shop does not appear on their website yet.

Surprisingly, last week's ram raid on the Coop (the second such raid in only a few months) has not appeared on the Neighbourhood Alert bulletins, so I have no crime number, or anything that has not already appeared in the press.

Changes - What's On

Nov 1
News -
First things first.
There have been some incidents where con men have been trying to trick their way into peoples houses.
At least once they suceeded, before demanding a large sum of money to do fix a non existent problem.
They walked all around the house, and were very intimidating.

There were three of them, and were driving a white van. Police are aware of these incidents, so if it happens to you, or you know of any other attempts, please contact Police immediately.
It should go without saying, that you should never let anyone into your property unless you are sure of their indentities.

Another bunch of crooks are using the Brexit situation to try to con people by telephone.
See Neighbourhood Alert page.

Highcliffe Friends In Need are in serious need of more volunteer drivers to take people to their medical appointments.
To find out more about how you can help your fellow residents click below.
Highcliffe Friends In Need

A new business has opened in our area. Actually not new, it has been successfully operating for over ten years in the Corfe area, but owner Helen now lives nearby, and is offering the service locally.
Happy-Hounds-Dorset provides a home from home dog boarding service on a one to one basis.
Helen says that regardless of breed, age, or size, Happy Hounds will find the perfect people to care for your pet while you are away, or cannot do so yourself for any reason.
I have to say that this sounds like a great option, rather than sticking your animal in kennels, where they are unlikely to be treated on a one to one basis.
Take a look here.

More BCP newsletters:
BCP - Fireworks displays across the area, and other November events

BCP - What's On in Libraries - November and December

Changes - What's On updated (including Sports & Social Club December entertainment).
Pets page updated.

Oct 29
News -
Another successful beach clean on Sunday. 50 people turned up, including 3 new faces.
The next one is not until January 12 next year.

Questions are being asked about the rather tasteless large purple entrance signs to Highcliffe Castle.
They have replaced the previous ones located either side of Rothesay Drive by the flower beds, which were clear but simple black and white. The new signs are in addition to the brown tourism signs on the main road.
Was it really necessary to erect the new signs, and if so, did they have to be so hideous?

More interesting, and something we will probably be hearing a lot more about, is Plastic Free Highcliffe. (This is part of a Surfers Against Sewage campaign to reduce single-use plastics in every day life.)
The campaign is being led by Amelia, who already organises the regular Highcliffe Beach Cleans, and the target is to try and achieve Plastic Free Community status for Highcliffe.
Watch this space.

A while ago (September 13) we mentioned the threat to our bee population from Asian hornets, and that nests had been found and destroyed in New Milton.
They have now been found much nearer to home, in Highcliffe and Christchurch.
You can find out all about the hornet, and report sightings, on the British Beekeepers Association website.

Changes - What's On updated.

Oct 21
News -
A planning application has appeared. It is proposed to demolish 26 and 28 Wharncliffe Road, and build two apartment blocks in their place. One of seven apartments, and the other of six.
Comments can be submitted until November 13. See application 8/19/1255/FUL below:

A reminder that next Sunday sees the next beach clean at Steamer Point - the last of the year.
Meet at the Wave Wall for a 10:30 start.

Changes - What's On updated.

Oct 19
News -
A follow up to the story of the abandonded car in Saffron Drive.
A local resident has finally received a reply about it. The email says it all, so I'll just give it to you as received.
I have now heard from DWP via BCP who inform me that they have checked and the car is taxed and insured, and as such is not 'abandoned' and does not constitute an offence.
I explained that the tyres were flat and it looks as though someone has tried to force entry into the back of it, but Richard just said 'if the owner chooses to leave the car to deteriorate there is nothing to be done'.
The only time further action could be taken is if the car deteriorates to such a level as constitutes a danger to the public i.e.: oil/fuel spilling, and if that is seen we are to get in touch straight away?

I did ask if they had noted who the owner was, and could they not be contacted with a view to moving the car, but was told it was 'not their job' as no offence has been committed?

So it seems we have to put up with a car being allowed to deteriorate until such times as it constitutes a danger then something may be done.

You couldn't make this stuff up could you? I wonder when the tax or insurance runs out.

Changes - What's On updated.

Oct 18
News -
So what's been happening? One or two things it seems.

There's a rapidly deteriorating abandoned car near the dentist in Saffron Drive on the Hoburne Estate.
Residents have reported it to both the police, and to BCP Council, but without success in getting it removed so far.

Interesting news on the never ending saga of the Jesmond Avenue proposed development.
BCP Highways want £8000 to improve local bus stop, and Hospital Trust want £53716 to cover additional A&E cover.
See these two files: BCP Comments and NHS Comments.

The old G&T shop, which was sold at auction, was almost immediately resold to a developer. I guess we might see a planning application in the not too distant future.

Neighbourhood Alert page updated
Have your say on Policing in Dorset, and news of an extra 50 officers being recruited.

More BCP newsletters:
BCP - Waste & Recycling. Rescue your pumpkins
BCP - Accidental Recycling of BCP News

Changes - What's On updated.

Sept 30
News -
No news to report, except that I am out of action for a couple of weeks, so no updates.
However, keep emailing anything you think is of interest, and I'll deal with it when I get back.

One thing. The Beach Hut Cafe website disappeared a few weeks ago, and has since changed it's address.
It is now www.beachhutcafe.uk - not .co.uk as it was. (Our business listings changed to reflect this.)

Another BCP newsletter:
BCP - News - The Autumn Edition

Changes - What's On updated.

Sept 26
News -
There's been a burglary at a property in Ranelagh Road. See Neighbourhood Alert page for details.

There are several articles on the the Alert page, including one about upcoming Older Driver events.
These start next week and are popular, so anyone interested should take action promtly.

More BCP newsletters:
BCP - Roads and Travel News
BCP - What's On, including Halloween events

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated.

Sept 22
News -
I forgot to mention - The Glow Lounge has opened at 245a Lymington Road (next door to Sunshack Tanning - which is interesting).

Popular singers The Diamond Divas, who perform to raise money for Macmillan Caring Locally, have had a few changes to personnel, including their contact information.
If you don't know about the Divas, here's some background.
The Diamond Divas are a ladies choir based in Highcliffe, who sing to raise money for the Macmillan Unit at Christchurch Hospital.
Their repertoire is varied and fun, and since their formation in 2012 they have raised over £31,000 for their charity. The money comes in generous donations from the many local clubs and groups to which they sing. All the money raised goes to The Macmillan Unit, the Divas pay all their own expenses.

The Divas rehearse at the Methodist Church in Highcliffe on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.
For more information or to book please contact Maureen Hardy on 01425 280367 or email petmo.hardy@btinternet.com
If you sing and have time on your hands the Divas are always looking for new recruits, and would be delighted to welcome you, but please note that they are a working choir and do expect some commitment from their members.

The Amberwood at Walkford have now published their full range of events over the Festive period, ranging from Santa visiting for the grand illuminations switch on on November 29, to the very popular New year's Eve bash, and including lots of music. (Not to mention the annual pickled onion competition.)
See What's On page.

Another BCP newsletter:
BCP - Recycle Week 2019 - 23-29 September

Changes - What's On updated.
Glow Lounge added to Hair & Beauty page (most businesses listed now also have links to websites/Facebook pages)

Sept 18
News -
French restaurant Bistro My Way finally opened last weekend.
Already hearing good things about the food. See https://www.facebook.com/bistromyway/.

Another successful beach clean on Sunday. 48 people turned up, including six new faces.

Changes - What's On updated.
Plan and business listings have Bistro My Way and The Coffee Garden added (and Blue Sky Deli removed).

Sept 16
News -
As we knew they would, Pennyfarthing have made a fresh application to build on the old MCA training establishment site at Steamer Point.
They first applied in 2014, assuring everyone that new properties would be in keeping with nearby housing.
It was nonsense then, and it's even more nonsense now. The new plan has a big block of flats in art deco style, overlooking the bay.
I'm sure plenty of people will want to have their say on the application, but only have until October 4 to do so. See the application below:

Does anyone know what was going on near Groyne H2 on Saturday afternoon?
Two policemen appeared to be retrieving items from the end of the groyne, and were still there an hour later.
Any informaation gratefully received.

Apart from our normal Steamer Point and Highcliffe beach litter picks, there are several others coming up locally.
This info from Amelia, who also reminds us of the next quarterly Sunday, October 6, from 10:30 - 12:30.

Avon Beach - Marine Conservation Society Great British Beach Clean - Friday 20th September, 10am - 12pm
Gundimore Beach - International Coastal Cleanup - Saturday 21st September. 10am - 12pm
Mudeford Quay - World Cleanup Date - Saturday 21st September, 2pm - 4pm
Highcliffe Castle Beach - Surfers Against Sewage Autumn Beach Clean - Saturday 19th October, 10am - 12pm

Another BCP newsletter:
BCP - Poole Bridge - Changes to lifting schedule

Highcliffe Nursing Home (5 Stuart Road) is making a big deal of their new;y completed "luxury suites". Anyone interested can go to their open day on Thursday (September 19) from 11am to 4pm.

Changes - What's On updated.

Sept 13
News -
You may well have seen articles in the press about the Asian Hornet, which can devastate our bee population.
Sad to say it has been spotted a bit close to home, as a nest was discovered in New Milton.
The experts are asking for any sightings be reported. You can find out all about the hornet, and report sightings, on the British Beekeepers Association website.

Last week we mentioned the boiler and ship's wreckage which had became visible due to the very low tides.
To add to the photo of the boiler, I now include photos of the other wreckage.
(Click pictures for larger versions)

Another BCP newsletter:
BCP - Have your say on 5G connectivity - By email or in person

There's a litter pick at Steamer Point this Sunday. Meet at the Wave Wall for a 10:30am start.

Changes - What's On updated.

Sept 3
News -
Many of us have seen over the years (off of Castle beach) the old ship's boiler partially exposed at very low tides, but personally I have never seen as exposed as it was a couple of days ago.
(Click picture for larger version)
(Thanks for the excellent photo Martin.)

Also, There is another structure nearby, which I don't remember seeing before. From a story from an old timer, who used to swim out to it as a lad, it could well be the remains of the wreck's deck.

I mentioned the Macmillan Coffee Morning on September 27, and asked if there were any other participants other than the Beach Hut Cafe. So far I received the information below. Any others?
I am doing a coffee morning on Saturday 19 October between 9 and 12 at Highcliffe St Mark’s Church Library, Hinton Wood Avenue, Highcliffe.
All proceeds will be shared between Macmillan Caring Locally (Christchurch Macmillan Unit) and Breast Cancer Awareness (Wear it Pink Day is Fri 18 Oct).
Please pop in and support us. Any donations of raffle prizes and cakes welcome. Please deliver to 21 Walkford Way on Fri 18 Oct.
Look forward to seeing you there.

Another BCP newsletter:
BCP - What's On in Libraries in September & October

Changes - What's On updated.

Aug 28
News -
Sorry the site has been quiet - I've been otherwise engaged.

I have heard that a resident in the village centre has had a window damaged, probably by an air rifle. Police have been informed, and are treating it quite seriously.
If anyone else has had a similar incident, please inform the Police.

Next month, Neighbourhood Watch and The Soldiers’ Charity have announced a new initiative to bring neighbours together to share a meal while raising money for both charities.
Read all about Together For Good: The Neighbourhood Watch Big Curry in the Neighbourhood Alert page (link below).

On Friday, September 27, it is the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. If you are taking part, or know any organisations that are, please let me know.
I know about The Beach Hut Cafe, which always participates.

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated

Aug 16
News -
A reminder. Sunday September 1 sees the now annual free outdoor concert by the very popular Swing Unlimited at Highcliffe Castle. It's from 10m until 4pm.
The regular collection of classic cars will also be on display.

Be aware that the car park will be closed during the event, except for blue badge holders and participants.
However, there will be a free shuttle service from and to the cliff top car park.

Another BCP newsletter:
BCP - Have your say on the draft Council Plan

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated

Aug 16
News - First thing - the petition about getting the speed limit around the bends near the Naish entrances can be found on NextDoor, for those of you with access.

I haven't yet had a chance to get full stories, but some more new businesses have opened or about to open.
Already open is Healthy Pets of Highcliffe, recently opened at 349 Lymington Road, in what was a short lived barbers shop (and next to the Hearing Aid Centre).

Also open is Woodworks, which is supplying gifts and other goods, in what was Brave, at 401 Lymington Road. You can't help but notice that their sign is dwarfed by the Brave sign, which is still in place.

"Opening soon" is Kiteley's Solicitors at 333 Lymington Road, which until recently was Accolade. They have been operating out of 280, in the same building as Morris Scott.

Here's a question. Why is there a door several feet off the ground at the Methodist Church? I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation, but it certainly looks odd. (The photo below was sent to me - not mine.)
(Click picture for larger version)

Another couple of BCP newsletters:
BCP - Upcoming Events

BCP - Roads and travel information

Changes - What's On updated.

Aug 14
News - A follow up to the closure of the clifftop path through Naish.
Hoburne are saying that it is not a right of way and that
"The improved park security will benefit the company's staff and customers".
There was plenty more waffle along the same lines, but there was no mention at all of any problems they may have had to deal with over the many decades that people have been using the path to access the beach.

In future, people from the Barton side of the park will have to walk around the main road, using narrow footpaths (which don't look wide enough for a pram or some pushchairs) alongside a very busy main road, which seems to have most motorists completely ignoring the 40mph speed limit (which probably accounts for the common excursions through the Chewton Glen fence).

Apparently there is a petition on the go to try to get the speed limit on that stretch reduced to 30mph.
If anyone knows where it is available, please let me know.

Changes - What's On updated. (Includes all the Cliffhanger December tribute nights.)

Aug 12
News - I'm told that Hoburne Naish have put coded locks on the gate at Chewton Bunny/Barton to stop non residents from using the pathway to the beach.
I realise that this is not part of the Coastal Path, which goes inland from the Bunny, and skirts around Naish, and then back to the clifftop at Barton, meaning that Hoburne are within their rights.
However, it does not seem very neighbourly of them, just to stop a few residents who sometimes use the path.

A BCP newsletter. have your say on the Council's proposed plan:
BCP - Proposed Plan - A Survey

Police are asking for witnesses to the traffic accident in Barrack Road on Friday, since when a lady has sadly died.
See the Neighbourhood Alert page below.
It also contains the results of the just ended firearms surrender amnesty.

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated

Aug 2
News - A reminder - the annual Highcliffe Art Exhibition started on Saturday, and runs until August 19.
As it is in the Methodist Church Hall, the exhibition is closed on Sundays, but is open from 10am until 5pm every other day.
Paintings are for sale, and admission is free. See https://highcliffe-art.info for more about Highcliffe Arts fellowship.

Some changes in the Highcliffe business scene.

Since yesterday, The Rothesay is no longer open as a B&B.

Accolade are no longer located in Lymington Road. They are still operating as always, but are now based at home.
See https://www.accoladehomeimprovements.com

A new tanning business is "coming soon". The Glow Lounge is situated at 245A Lymington Road.
Meanwhile, at 253, the French cafe Bistro My Way should be open within a month, or so they tell me.

A BCP newsletter:
BCP - Childrens Summer Reading Challenge

Changes - What's On updated.

July 28
News - On returning after a few days away, the first thing I notice is that Premier Inn has reapplied for planning permission for a three storey, eighteen bedroom extension (which is the same size as was previously refused).
We have until 13 August to make comment, and you can see the application (9/19/0997/FUL) plans below:

I also notice that after very lengthy consideration, the two cliff top shelters at the Crow's Nest are to be renovated.
The Cliffhanger is helping with funding and landscaping, so well done for that.

Anta Riestina, the dentist who runs Highcliffe Dental Care in Gordon Road, is to represent Britain at the World Basketball Championships in Finland (in the 40+ category).
Although Anta originates from Latvia, she has lived in the UK for many years, and decided to represent us.
Good luck to her.

There were a few Neighbourhood Alert notices last week, but I think most are now out of date. I'll plough through them to make sure.

A BCP newsletter:
BCP - What's On - July 25 to August 29

Changes - What's On updated.

July 18
News - The proposed Jesmond Avenue development has now benn applied for.
It's for 18 houses and a block of 36 flats. We have until August 9.
See the application plans below:

A lady called Ann Palmer has been appointed to run the Christchurch Community Partnership Volunteer Bank.
The objective is to promote all the volunteer roles within the Christchurch area, and as a first step a Facebook page has been created (see link below) listing the roles available. Ann is also posting on all the local groups Facebook pages.

Her next task is to get out and about to talk to people at social functions, WIs, the golf club, etc, just to raise awareness of what's available, and how rewarding it can be, and also how flexible volunteering can be.
Take a look:

A BCP newsletter:
BCP - Recycling, Avoid food wastage, etc

Changes - What's On updated.

July 17
News - Last Sunday's Highcliffe Beach Clean was attended by 40 volunteers, including several newcomers.
25 bags of rubbish were collected.
Don't forget that you can keep tabs on the groups plans at https://www.facebook.com/highcliffebct
They also have Twitter and Instagram accounts, and organiser Amelia can be found at https://www.facebook.com/seashorety/ . Amelia can often be found along the shore, usually collecting rubbish, and welcomes people saying hello, or even better, joining her.

While on the subject of beach cleans, next Sunday there is one at Friars Cliff, meeting at Steamer Point as usual.
It starts at 9:30am, rather than the usual 10am.

HP Music have now gone. They have moved to Ringwood, as their Lymington Road premises is soon to be redeveloped. It is a pity, as they have involved themselves in village life since they arrived.

Next Saturday (July 20) Dorset Police are having an Open Day. I'm sure it will be very interesting, but of course, it's out in the sticks on the way to Weymouth (postcode DT2 8DZ).
See Neighbourhood Alert page for all the details,
or visit https://www.dorset.police.uk/news-information/dorset-police-hq-open-day/

A BCP newsletter:
BCP - Roads and Travel News

Changes - What's On updated.
Business listings and village plan now have Ethos Care Services added.

July 8
News - The new range of Highcliffe goodies will very soon be available online. I tried the site today, and it's not ready yet. But I'm sure it will be in the near future. Watch this space.

Another couple of BCP newsletters:
BCP - Proposed Council Investment Strategy - Housing, Transport, etc.

BCP - Bike Sharing, Seat belt checks, Car parking revenue, and more

Changes - What's On updated.

July 3
News - This month sees the popular annual Rotary Club Grand Community Charity Fete.
This year it falls on Saturday 27, and as always it is in the Recreation Ground, and runs from 10:30am to 4:30pm.
Entry is free, and in addition to all the usual fun things taking place, there is music from Christchurch Brass band, a BBQ, fish and chips by Browns in Somerford, and a Scrufts Dog Show (note the name - it is not Crufts, so any and all dogs are welcome).
Click here to see the Fete Flyer.

Another couple of BCP newsletters:
BCP - Roads Maintenance next week

BCP - Libraries What's on in July and August

Changes - What's On updated.
Community links page now has correct Highcliffe Rotary wesite and Faceook page.

Places to Eat page and Places to Drink page both updated with The Oaks info

June 29
News - Take a couple of days off, and it all happens!

First, the prospective developers of the Jesmond Avenue site reveal what they intend to apply for, trumpeting the plans as a real benefit to the village. I suspect, however, that not many were convinced.
Still no signs of their planning application though.

The same is true of the owners of the MCA site at Steamer Point (Pennyfarthing Homes) who have also announced their big plans for the site, which include a four storey block of flats in art deco style overlooking the bay.
I cannot imagine there will not be people wanting to comment once the application is made.
In the meantime you can see what they want to do by visiting

There's also a few shops lying empty again, including some in the new developments which haven't been taken up (like the one next to Faith Hairdressers).
Some are on the move because their premises are being redevoped (such as HP Music) and some have simply stopped trading (Bentley's Barbers, Bread Headz, Brave).

Another couple of BCP newsletters:
BCP - Bournemouth Air Show Latest News

BCP - Various items of advice and news

The Oaks officially opens on Monday, and the premises is quite unrecognisable from the old Galleon pub.
This weekend sees final "soft" opening sessions to ensure everything is ready, and some of us were lucky enough to be invited.
The place has been renovated excellently, the food is superb, and the staff (and the atmosphere) are friendly and relaxed.
A real asset to the area.

Police have released cctv pictures of the suspected shoplifter in Christchurch last week. See the Neighbourhood Alert page below.

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated

June 15
News - Last week we told you about a charity pamper and shopping night, to raise money for Dorset Mind charity.
I'm pleased to say that the evening was a big success, and below is what organiser Kirsty Campbell had to say:
Thank you to everyone that visited the Highcliffe Feel Good Friday event last week, it was a great night and raised an amazing £600 for Dorset Mind charity. Christchurch Derma Spa are hoping to organise another in the not too distant future, so please keep an eye out!

(Click picture for larger version)

Another BCP newsletter:
BCP - National Refill Day (June 19) and other Recycling News

Watch this space to see when the new range of Highcliffe merchandise, introduced at the Food & Arts Festival, will be available to buy. You'll be able to get the products from Highcliffe Castle, and online.

Changes - What's On updated.

June 13
News - The Neighbourhood Alert page today has a lengthy, but extremely useful and interesting, article about staying safe online. It includes how our use of social media often makes life easy for hackers, and what to do to make life more difficult for them. I recommend reading it.

Here is the latest BCP newsletter:
BCP - What's On For The Rest of June

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated.

June 8
News - The Neighbourhood Alert page contains several items today, and they are well worth reading, especially if you have any more vunerable friends or relatives.
One particularly nasty scam is targeting those people, and is having quite a bit of success I'm afraid.

Here are a few of the latest BCP newsletters:
BCP Traffic and Travel Latest

BCP Libraries & Heritage June Events

BCP Council Tax Harmonization

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated.

June 7
News - Here's a "better late than never" notice.
This evening at Highcliffe St Marks Hall on Hinton Wood Avenue there is a charity pamper and shopping night, with drinks and nibbles. The event runs from 7:00pm until 10:00pm.

It's to raise money for Dorset Mind charity. Entry is by donation, and the first 50 guests receive a glass of bubbly.
There is amazing raffle which includes the following prizes:


There's quite a lot of activity from the Neighourhood Alert team, and some newsletters from BCP Council.
I'll add them later, or tomorrow morning.

Changes -

June 3
News - A big front page story in the Advertiser weekend was about a outline planning application for the Jesmond Avenue site, by Brentland Ltd. (As of this morning the application does not yet appear on the Council planning website.)
Unlike the previous application, which was for 35 dwellings and a 68 bed 3-storey care home, this is for 18 detached luxury bungelows, and two blocks of flats. The article includes a site plan, which will presumably soon be appearing online for people to see, and comment on.

The weekend's Food and Arts Festival was blessed with good weather, and was a roaring success, and I'm expecting plenty of photos to appear on the Festival website soon.

It is really good to know that the new owner of what used to be Ballentine's is extremely pleased with the way business is booming. Now called Shelleys at Highcliffe, owner Gary Marlow says that despite the number of customers, he is very open to suggestions. He says "We are feeling our way at the moment. I really want to get the shop right - I want to offer what people want."
The shop is at 314 Lymington Road.

By the way, the chief investigating officer (DCI Dave Brown) that led to serial paedophile football coach Bob Higgins being found guilty of multiple crimes, is one of Highcliffe's own.

Changes - What's On page updated
Food and Drink page updated. Village Plan updated.

May 31
News - I hope not too many people got caught out yesterday, as I did. Having been told by Castle staff that although the Castle would be closed for the Duke of Gloucester's visit, the car park would still be open.
I found it not only closed, but the gates were guarded, and was told that I had to park at the Crow's Nest or Steamer Point, despite my invitation.

Anyway, the Duke did his duty, opening the newly renovated Penleaze Wing at the Castle, before moving to the Zig Zag to officially open that.
(Click picture for larger version)

Can someone please check the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church page? Online information is very confusing, and I've found several names supposed to be the priest, and several email addresses. I cannot find any online presence specifically about the Church.
More information would be very useful.

Changes - What's On page updated

May 30
News - The links not working in yesterday's Neighourhood Alert piece are now fine.

Changes -
Neighbourhood Alert page updated.

May 29
News - Many apologies. I forgot to upload the Local Politicians page. It's now done, so -
the Local Politicians page has been updated with as much detail as is currently available - and uploaded this time.

Sunday's beach clean was well supported as usual, despite it being a Bank Holiday weekend. 60 people turned out, including 6 first timers. Great stuff.

The Oaks (the new White Brasserie business coming to the old Galleon pub) is opening at the beginning of July.

Neighbourhood Alert page contains information about and from Chris Conroy, who is the Cyber Protect Officer for Dorset Police. It's interesting, and worth a look. Chris is offering to visit community groups and businesses to talk and advise on the subject. (Please note that the Dorset Police cybercrime website link in the article currently does not work. I've informed them.)

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated.

May 26
News - A while back I reported that a change of use application had been made to turn the old Crafty Wood shop (253 Lymington Road) into a food outlet.
When I looked a few days ago, shopfitters were very busy, and I'm told it is to be a french style cafe.

Apparently there are scam TalkTalk emails arriving in numbers, offering refunds. It should be obvious by now, but do not open any links if you should receive such an email.
See the Neighbourhood Alert page for details.

The Local Politicians page has been updated with as much detail as is currently available.

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated.

May 24
News - I have been told that there has been at least one incident of attempted dog stealing along the front, and that Police are involved. I have no other details at present, so if anyone knows more, please email.

BCP Council have now published contact details of newly elected councillors.
The link below are details of our Highcliffe & Walkford councillors (Nigel Brooks and Nick Geary) and includes attendance and voting records.

All other councillors can be seen below, including neighbouring wards.

The new Highcliffe & Walkford Neighbourhood Council is a it different as far as contacting them is concerned.
The official way is through the newly appointed Clerk to the council, Alan Shackel.
(You can find out all aout Alan on the HRA website highclifferesidents.co.uk/news/parish-council/an-introduction-to-the-new-clerk-to-highcliffe-and-walkford-parish-council

Contact details are: email = clerk-highcliffewalkford-council@outlook.com , telephone = 07472 701365.
Mail = Old School House, 254 Lymington Road, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 5ET .

Having said all that, two of the council are also BCP councillors, so you can presumaly contact Nigel Brooks and Nick Geary by using their contact details at https://democracy.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=339
Nick represents North Highcliffe, along with Willie McNeill. Nigel represents Central Highcliffe, along with Bob Hutchings
and Andy Martin. West Highcliffe is represented by Lucy Harris.

Given the upcoming bank holiday, and half term in many areas, the large numbers of visitors to the area puts much more pressure on Police services. They have issued a statement about how the best way to contact them with non emergency issues. See the Neighbourhood Alert link below. There's also a report on how Dorset Police are working with banks to reduce fraud, which is interesting.

Changes - What's On updated.
Neighbourhood Alert page updated.

May 20
News - As you probably know, another defibrillator is to be available in the village, this one at the Methodist Church.
Funded by Highcliffe Rotary, with the help of local businesses and individuals, it brings the number around to six.
(See the link below to see where they all are.)
More good news is that the Residents Association has organised two Defibrillator Awareness Courses, so that we can be confident with using them, should the need ever arise.
They have been arranged for Friday, May 31 (the day before the Food Festival).

The first course will be in the Methodist Church Hall from 4pm.
The second will be in St Marks Church Hall, Hinton Wood Avenue from 7pm
Each course will last about 1 hour.

All the details are on the HRA website

A reminder. The next Friars Cliff Beach Clean is next Sunday (May 26). As usual, start is 10:30, meeting at the Wave Wall.
On a first come basis, there are 50 free parking vouchers for the Steamer Point car park, which will be available from 10:15.

BCP Council has announced all European Council Election details, including candidates. See below:

Changes - What's On updated.

May 16
News - Overnight on Tuesday, several vehicles were broken into in Highcliffe. Specifically, Juniper Drive, Saffron Drive, and Celandine Close areas were hit.
Strangely, no vehicles were damaged, but items of value were stolen. Details on the Neighbourhood Alert page.

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May 15
News - Yesterday morning, I was extremely privileged to be invited to have a tour of the new Penleaze Wing at Highcliffe Castle. The work that has taken place is quite amazing, and the East wing is now open to the public.
There are conducted tours for the public every day at 12 Noon (except Saturdays) and for anyone interested in our heritage, I highly recommend taking one. There's plenty of interactive displays, which will interest younger visitors, and the furniture that has been in the Victoria & Albert Museum since the 1969 fire has been returned, and much of which is already on display.

The official opening of the work is being performed by Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, on Thursday, May 30.
The Castle will be closed to the public for this ceremony (the grounds will still be open) but the Prince will then move to the top of the Zig Zag to officially open the path. This is expected to be at aout 11.15 - 11.30.

Lots going on in the BCP Council area over the coming weeks, and give them their due, they are good at spreading the information. Some events are close by, including the Mudeford Seafood Festival on May 25 to 27.
take a look below.

The recently reopened Highcliffe Bakery is apparently looking for staff.
The advert says they want a full time Assistant Manager (Tuesday - Saturday) and a Saturday sales assistant.
Contact garydm@hotmail.co.uk (or presumably visit the shop).

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May 9
News - As you probably know, no single party got overall control of the BCP Council at last week's election.
The eight strong Christchurch Independents have formedtheir own group, and have released the following statement.
The Christchurch Independents group which holds eight seats on the new BCP Council (including Cllr Nick Geary and Cllr Nigel Brooks), met on Sunday and elected Cllr Margaret Phipps (Commons) as group leader and Cllr David Flagg (Burton & Grange) as deputy leader.

In a statement the group said: "We will look to work across party and across the area first and foremost to protect the interests of the people of Christchurch, which is what they elected us to do.

“We also recognise that the new BCP council must be able to function efficiently and effectively and deliver for all its residents and that most people want councillors to work together in a spirit of co-operation.

“In this endeavour we will talk to all parties, groups and individuals except the Conservatives, who pushed the merger through against the wishes of the people of Christchurch.

"To work with them would be a betrayal of our election promises and what we have campaigned for in the last four years."

Unusually, I didn't get a single email in response to my request about David Atkinson on Saturday? There's usually someone who remembers names from the past, but not in this case it seems.

Highcliffe should end up with a seriously clean beach, for a while at least.
Following the regular activities from the Highcliffe Beach Clean Team, and the volunteers from Hoburne, the Highcliffe Beaver Scouts are having a litter pick this evening.
Well done to all concerned.

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May 4
News - Here are the local election results for the new BCP Council.

I'm pleased to see that both Nigel Brooks and Nick Geary have been elected as Independents to serve.
Nigel, along with Bob Hutchings, has also been elected to the Highcliffe & Walkford Neighbourhood (Parish) Council.

You probably won't need reminding that Nigel and Bob have worked tirelessly on issues such as saving the Zig Zag, and fighting the infamous beach hut competition not long ago, but from outside of council. Nick has been working for Highcliffe residents for many years.
Nigel says "It is a privilege and honour to serve the folk of our community and we look forward to ‘getting to grips’ with the issues that concern our residents."

The Local Politicians page will be updated as soon as contact details are published.

Many will be pleased to hear that the planning application by Premier Inns to build a three storey, 18 bedroom, extension has been refused. It would involve removing or seriously damaging oak trees with preservation orders on them.

The beautiful gardens at Hinton Admiral will be open next weekend (May 11 and 12) from 11:00am until 5:30pm.
All proceeds go to charity.
They are also open the following Sunday (May 19) from 1:00pm until 4:30pm, as part of the NGS scheme.
This is a rare opportunity (usually only once a year) to visit these gardens.
The entrance is on the main A35, between the Cat and Fiddle, and St Michael's and All Angels church.

Does anyone know a David Atkinson? An old friend from New Zealand is trying to locate him.
He would now be around 60 years old, and has three sisters; Christine, Gemma, and Kate.
He had connections with Chewton, but it is unclear if this was the hotel, or the area.
Please use the email link at the top of the page with any information.

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May 2
News - A lady in her eighties had her purse stolen while she was in the Highcliffe Launderette last Sunday.
A man entered the shop at 9:00am and committed the crime.
All the details on the Neighbourhood Alert page, but Police now have a cctv picture, and are asking for anyone who thinks they may recognise the culprit to get in touch. The picture is quite clear, so hopefully someone will identify him.
Take a look: https://www.dorset.police.uk/news-information/

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April 30
News - The Highcliffe Beach Clean team were very pleased with the turnout on Sunday. 96 people turned up, mostly new faces, and 38 bags of rubbish were collected, plus various pieces of metal and larger items.
Keep up with the team on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/highcliffebct
(The amount collected is amazing, as staff from Hoburne had very recently organised a litter pick on the beach, as part of The Great British Spring Clean.)

Most locals will have noticed that the old Ballentine's ibakery has reopened in Lymington Road.
It's now called Highcliffe Bakery. Good luck to the owners, and I'm sure it will be well used.

As you know, The Rothesay B&B is to be demolished, and flats built on the site.
This has left the owners with the problem of trying to relocate the very popular Swim School.
An attempt to move to a site in New Milton was approved by the town council, but rejected by New Forest District Council.
I'm sure Michael and Dee would be pleased to hear from anyone who knows of a suitable location.

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Plan and Business lists updated (with Highcliffe Bakery information).

April 21
News - The "People's Opening" of the Zig Zag path took place on Friday, with a big crowd in attendance.
(The official opening doesn't take place for several weeks, but the path is open and already busy with both locals and visitors.)

‘Cutting the Tape’

Hundreds of Highcliffe residents and visitors joined the ‘Residents Group’ (Bob Hutchings, Andy Rogers, Angus Mc Mcmillan, Ian Nichols and Nigel Brooks [in the picture]) who led the campaign to see the Zig-Zag path rebuilt, came together for a ‘Peoples Opening Event’ on Good Friday. Pauline Brooks, on her Tramper scooter cut the tape and together with many supporters, enjoyed a walk to the beach.
(Click picture for larger version)


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April 18
News - How about this?!
Without further comment, I give you the following announcement from The Friends of Highcliffe Beaches and Cliffs Interest Group.
Highcliffe Castle Zig-Zag path – REOPENING EVENT!

We are counting down the hours! As you may have already learnt from BBC News South or on social media, the path is set to reopen on Good Friday.

Earlcote Construction are set to complete the new path ‘bang’ on schedule!

The ‘Residents Group’ (Bob, Nigel, Ian, Angus and Andy), who led the campaign on behalf of residents to persuade the Council to rebuilt the path, are holding a ‘People’s Opening’ event at 10.30am on Good Friday morning at the head of the path in the Castle grounds. A bit like a ‘flash crowd’!

It is hoped that two of our ‘less able’ residents will be able to ‘lead us off’ down the path!

If you are one of the 3,200 folk who signed the petition back in 2017, you are more than welcome to come and share a ‘glass’ of Prosecco/orange, or at least until the bottles run dry!

Everyone is of course welcome to the event to celebrate the achievement of residents working in partnership with Christchurch Borough Council.


Even more good news.
The hoardings at the Jesmond Avenue site, that have caused so much anger over a very long period, were being dismantled yesterday.
Well done to everyone who kept up the battle to have them removed over many many months.

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April 16
News - Despite the bitterly cold wind, 82 people (including 21 new faces) turned up for the Friars Cliff beach clean on Sunday morning. Well done every one.
Don't forget the next Highcliffe beach clean, which is part of The Great Dorset Beach Clean, 2019.
It's on Sunday April 28, meeting at 10:30am at Groyne 5 (below The Cliffhanger).

Police have issed a warning aout a spate of forged banknotes. They are mostly £50 English and Scottish notes being offered in payment for small value items.

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April 9
News - At last an end is in sight to the long saga of the hideous hoardings around the Jesmond Avenue proposed building development.
You will remember that Brentland LTD were (eventually) served an enforcement notice to remove the hoardings on
July 2, 2018, but just before the notice expired the company appealed the decision, obviously intending to drag the situation out as long as possile.
I'm pleased to say that the Inspector has now backed CBC's decision, and the hoardings must be removed. It is believed that this must happen within six weeks from the appeal decision, which you see below was March 29.
Planning Inspectorate Appeal Decision.

A little extra news on the upcoming Council elections on Thursday, May 2.
I now know that Nigel Brooks is also standing as an Independent candidate for the new BCP Neighbourhood Council Ward of Highcliffe & Walkford.

A reminder. Next Sunday (April 14) sees the next Friars Cliff beach clean. Meet at 10:30am at the Wave Wall as usual.

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April 6
News - An application has been made to demolish 424 - 428 Lymington Road, along with 1 and 3 Seaton Road.
This is from the corner of Seaton Road, up to and including the now closed White House B&B.
It's a complete demolition job, and the building of 38 "retirement units", and you can see the plans below:

If you haven't seen the list of candidates for the BCP Council elections on May 2, you can view them below.
(Interestingly, the list includes two people who drove the ZIG ZAG rescue campaign - Nigel Brooks and Bob Hutchings. I don't know anything about the other three.)

The latest refurbishment work at Highcliffe Castle (The Penleaze Wing) is now complete, and it is stunning.
There is no news of any tours on the Castle website yet, but presumably they will offer some soon. I'll try to find out.

Changes - What's On page updated.
The Community links page now has the new and/or replaced various council websites added.

April 2
News - Extremely late notice I'm afraid, but the open to the public AGM of The Lakewood Restoration Team is tonight!
I know some residents have been concerned about some of the work going on, so why not go along to the Highcliffe Sports & Social Club tonight? It starts at 7:30pm, upstairs.
They'll be reporting on what they've done (and why), and what they plan next. There will be a Q & A session to answer any questions you might have.
So if you have concerns, or are just interested in the work, go along tonight.

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March 23

News - Not sure how I missed this one, but a man went missing at lunchtime on Wednesday, and Lymington Lifeboat (not sure why Lymington, when Christchurch is much closer) and the Coastguard helicopter were involved in the search. The chap was spotted in the very cold sea at about 3:30, but managed to get to shore unaided.
He was taken to a police van in the Crows Nest carpark to be checked over, but what happened to him then is not reported.

Police are seeking any witnesses to the sad death of an elderly lady pedestrian who was it by a car at Purewell Roundaout last Monday at about 3:15pm.
Anyone with any information should call 101, quoting incident number 18:263, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Following the tragic death of the 16 year old Highcliffe School pupil at Pokesdown Station last Sunday, Police want to urge anyone affected, and who is not being supported by the counselling team already in the school, to contact the free 24 hour Samaritans Helpline on 116 123.

Some people have been concerned by the work that has been taking place at the lake at Lakewood, especially given that the bird nesting season is upon us.
The recent work was to repair and re-seed the banks. The work is complete, and the plastic barriers are only in place to allow the repairs and seeding to become established.

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March 21

News - On March 9 I reported (briefly) that a runner had been assaulted, and that Police were looking for witnesses. The 50 year old was subject to a vicious attack in Ranelagh Road, and suspects were later arrested.
What I didn't know at the time was that the victim is a well respected local, who manages one of our best dental services. Nor did I know at the time that he was in training for the London Marathon, planning to raise much needed funds for charity.
I would strongly urge anyone who knows anything aout the attack, or even thinks they do, to contact Police or Crimestoppers. Details are on the Neighbourhood Alert page (see item dated March 7).

Click here to see the local press report

On a lighter note, if you have no plans for Easter Sunday, you could do worse that go to a charity fund raiser in the afternoon. It's at The Amberwood in Walkford, and there is something for everyone - a huge Easter Draw, with lots of prizes, an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, an Easter Bonnet Parade, all followed by music from the very popular Retro Rita. All proceeds are going to the Bournemouth Hospital Trust, a worthy cause indeed.
(Timings are listed on the What's On page.)

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March 20

News - If you want to see what is planned for the Highcliffe Tandoori site, the planning application has been granted. The site is bigger than it appears from first glance.

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March 19

News - The White Brasserie Company who are taking over The Galleon tell me that The Oaks should be open before the end of June, and that they'll give me a precise date once they are on-site.

Take a look at what is coming our way.

The Highcliffe Action Team (HAT), despite only being formed last Summer, last week won a bronze award at the BH Stars event.

The BH Stars competition was created to recognise those of the hospitality, tourism and retail worlds who make the BH post code area special. Find out more below:

Changes -

March 18

News - There's lots going on around St Marks this coming Easter, starting with the Palm Sunday (April 14) walk with donkeys and palms that we mentioned a while ago. See below:
Palm Sunday Walk With Donkeys

For all the other services and activities, and there's something for all ages (including Easter Egg Hunts) see below:
St Marks Easter Activities

The latest Dorset Waste Partnership newsletter is available, and includes info about The Great British Spring Clean, which starts on March 22.
Dorset Waste Partnership Newsletter

The old tv licensing scam is being reported in big numbers. See the Neighbourhood Alert page for details, including what to do if you've been caught.

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March 14

News - Hoburne have applied to amend their (already approved) plans for their old offices site in Lymington Road.
Nothing dramatic as far as I can see, just additional parking places. But sharper eyed residents may spot something different. See application 8/17/1254/FUL below:

Items on this page were going back nearly three years, making the page huge and slow to load.
I have cut it down to this year's entries only, but if anyone wants any items from previously, just email and I'll provide them.

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March 9

News - Good news for Highcliffe bus users. From April 7, the Yellow Bus 1A service, which currently ends at Sainsbury's, will extend it's hourly service through Highcliffe to New Milton, and includes Tesco in it's route.
So users can get to Stewarts and Sainsbury's in one direction, and to New Milton and Tesco in the other.

It looks like it will only be travelling along Lymington Road, but I guess the actual route will be published nearer the date. Many will be pleased to know that concession passes will apply.

There was a rare but nasty assault in Highcliffe last Saturday, and Police are seeking information. Details are on the Neighbourhood Alert page (link below).
Also, the old online scam offering non existent pets has raised it's head again.

Sorry - just noticed that the Alert page has been corrupted and is not displaying the information.
Working on it, so try again later.

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March 7

News -
For many years Highcliffe Scout Group (which comprises Beaver, Cub, Scout & Nyeri Explorers Groups) have raised much needed funds by selling and delivering high quality summer plants, both for bedding and baskets, and are doing so again this year. This year there is also a pre-planted hanging basket available.

These offers are only available to BH23 addresses in Highcliffe, Walkford, and Mudeford, and as a previous customer, I can confirm that the plants are very good quality (grown for the group by a reputable local nursery). They also arrive in eco friendly recyclable containers.

Use the link below to order until the end of March for free delivery on 10/11/12 of May.
http://www.highcliffe.christchurchscouts.org.uk/ (Use the Plant Sales link.)

Any queries should go to plants@highcliffescouts.org.uk

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March 4

News -
Dorset Council, which replaces the six county, district and borough councils, and which comes into being on April 1, has agreed it's first budget.
(I'm presuming that it is just a coincidence that the date is April Fools Day.)
Read all about it below:

The Council has also introduced a commuter challenge, to get people more active by finding better ways to get to and from work. See below:

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March 2

News -
An interesting planning application has arrived at CBC.
It's to change the use of 253 Lymington Road from a shop to a cafe/restaurant.
This is the old, and long empty, Crafty Wood premises, next to Hayley and Tapper Funeral Service.
Details of application number 8/19/0414/PNVRC below:

A resident has raised a question about the furure of the footpath through to Jesmond Avenue now that there are plans to massively extend the Premier Inn. I believe the path is safe, ut confirmation would be good.

Changes - Highcliffe Beach Clean dates added to What's On page

Feb 23

News -
Premier Inns have applied to extend their Lymington Road premises with a three storey, 18 bedroom building, with "associated works". You have until March 13 to comment if so inclined. Details below:

A resident has made the suggestion that all the vans and trucks making life difficult in Wharncliffe Road should be parked in the nearby cliff top car park. While this may seem to be a very sensible solution to the problem, the tradesmen will be aghast. As we know, most are incapable of walking more than the width of a road, and many not even that far.
(Tongue firmly in cheek here - some of my best friends etc etc.)

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Feb 21

News -
Traffic is a nightmare in Lymington Road at present. It's mainly due to the temporary traffic lights at the gas works outside the Co-op, but it is not helped by the huge number of trucks and vans permanently parked in Wharncliffe Road, making that route around the village very difficult to negotiate.
The only good thing is that the works at the Hoburne building site have not, as yet, encroached on to the pavement or road.

On the subject of Wharnecliffe Road chaos, I know that some residents have approached their councillors to try to get an idea when those long term building works might be completed, and I understand that Mayor/Councillor Dedman has contacted the County Council on the matter, but thus far, no response has been received.

I hear that the Zig Zag work is on schedule, and should be complete by Easter. However, the official opening ceremony won't take place until May or maybe even June. (Can't rush these things you know.)

Local police are looking for witnesses to an traffic collision between a car and an ambulance yesterday afternoon in Christcurch. Details on the Neighbourood Alert page (link below).

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Feb 19

News -
Back in early January signs appeared in Chewton Common Road saying that the road was to be closed on January 11, and a couple of temporary toilets were plonked on the grass.
There was nothing to say what was supposed to be happening, and nothing did.
I'm pleased to say that now - a month later - there is a nice new road surface, and the toilets have gone.

Apart from that I don't seem to have missed much. Maybe most people are hibernating.
However, some changes have been made to a planning application for 29 Wharnecliffe Road, where it is planned to put a block of nine flats. The application is number 8/16/0516/FUL.

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Feb 9

News -
A time capsule which includes; memorabilia, literature and pictures of staff and volunteers has been buried in the Count Romford Oven at Highcliffe Castle.
The capsule was buried in the oven, which is no longer in working order, to leave a legacy of the present day at Highcliffe Castle for future generations.

I'm out of action for a few days, so no updates. Keep the emails coming though, and we'll get the site up to date next week.

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Feb 4

News -
A few days ago (on Jan 25) passed the application to turn the Highcliffe Tandoori at 416 Lymington Road into
five flats, and a three bedroom house at the rear.
At least part of the ground floor will still be for commercial use, but with a change of classification to A2, which is Financial and professional services, rather than as a restaurant. See the details below.

Now that the Highcliffe Food Festival is growing/evolving into an arts gestival as well, there is a brand new website to keep us all informed (see below). Chef Rosemary Shrager will be one of the more famous faces to be seen this year, and along with all the food, music, and arts events and stalls, I notice there will even be sheep shearing.
So the dates for your diaries are Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2.

I see that Highcliffe Castle are looking for bar staff. Anyone interested has until February 17 to apply.

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Community Links page updated (new Food/Arts Festival website added.

Jan 31

News -
Dorset County Council have released details of all their proposed road work plans for February. See below

As most know, the Beach Hut Cafe at Friars Cliff opens on Christmas Day for two hours, specifically to raise money for Macmillan Caring Locally at Christchurch Hospital. Along with the sale of calendars featuring stunning photos, and donations from customers who could not make it on Christmas Day, they have presented the charity with an astonishing £9,259.95. Just incredible!

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Jan 24

News -
The latest Neighbourhood Alert offering does not have anything local to us, but there is an interesting piece about the reducing number of road traffic accidents in Dorset, and about the new domestic violence laws.

The Highcliffe Country/Folk Dancing Group has been added to Community Links page, and to Local Organisations page.
This happy and sociable group meet at Greystones at 7:30pm on Thursdays, and welcome everyone, regardless of age or ability. Novices will be helped all the way, and I really like the quote on their website "If it goes wrong, don't worry - its only a dance!"

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Jan 21

News -
Yesterday's Highcliffe Beach Clean was a success, with well over 100 people turning up, and 16 full bags of rubbish were collected, totalling 70.45kg.
Keep an eye on the team Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/highcliffebct
They also have Twitter and Instagram pages, using HighcliffeBCT.

Here's a very early reminder. On Palm Sunday (April 14) there is a walk with donkeys (and palms), starting from outside of The Cliffhanger at 11:30am, and lasting about an hour.

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Jan 19

News -
Yet another residential burglary has taken place. This one was yesterday evening in Waterford Gardens.
See the Neigbourhood Alert page for details.

It looks like The Oaks, which is replacing The Galleon, is going to bring some high quality dining to Highcliffe.
The company making the planning application is The White Brasserie Company.
Take a look at what is coming our way.


Public comment on the latest variation of the Pinebeach Nursing Home site in Southcliffe Road has now closed.
It would be a surprise if the plans (now for a block of 10 apartments with underground parking) are not approved, and "New Homes Coming Soon" signs are on display, but you can keep an eye on the process below. (The Committee Date box is still empty at present.)

Changes -
Neighbourhood Alert page updated

Jan 18

News -
There is still a chance (until Thursday 24) to have your say on the proposed Police Precept.
The details and links are on the Neighbourhood Alert page.

Also included is a report of an uninsured driver geting banned. Although obviously a serious matter, it made me smile.

In fine Highcliffe style, the story of The Galleon takeover has generated a lovely rumour. It's being said that the Applicant is in some way connected to Raymond Blanc.
We'll see.

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Jan 17

News -
There was another burglary this week, This one was in Hurstbourne Avenue at around midday on Tuesday (15th). There is a good description of both criminal and his vehicle (which was later found abandoned).
All the details on the Neighbourhood Alert page.

At long last things are happening to The Galleon, which as been empty for so long.
A planning application has been made, mainly for external signage, as the idea is to reopen as a pub/brasserie, so no change of use. It is to be called The Oaks.
Anyone wanting to comment on the plans has until February 5. See application 8/18/3277/ADV is below:

DCC's Green Spaces team has come up with some activities for the coming weeks/months, including walking, craft courses, and even climbing big trees. You can see it the details below:

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Jan 15

News -
The plans to redevelop The Rothesay B&B in Lymington Road, which have been with CBC planners for an extremely long time (even by their standards) have been passed.
After demolition of the existing building, there will be 18 two bedroom flats built, with associated parking and bin and cycle storage. Details of application number 8/18/2093/FUL can be found below.
I don't currently know what is happening to the extremely Seabrooke Seals popular swimming club. It might be worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page for news.

A reminder of the Highcliffe Beach Clean this coming Sunday. Groyne H5 below The Cliffhanger at 10:30am.
Parking is free at this time of the year, and you are asked to bring your own collection kit - if possible.
Keep an eye on the Facebook page nearer the time for any change of plan. Not likely if the weather remains reasonable.

Last Sunday's Beach Clean at Friars Cliff was amazingly successful, with 106 people turning up, including 36 new faces. A surprising amount of rubbish was collected considering the beach didn't look too bad at first look.

I've had an email from Castle Wheelers Cycle Club, who meet at The Castle.
It seems that the upcoming local government reorganisation means that the Monday morning health-ride group is, at least for now, is not being officially backed, which is a great shame.
However, anyone is still welcome to turn up on Mondays at 10am. There are 2 levels of rides, both organised with trained leaders and backup, first-aid, radio communication, and advice to gain proficiency and safety on and off the roads.
Also, those who wish to further their cycling ambitions are also welcome to join the senior ability CyclingUK Club, Castle Wheelers, who meet at 10am. on Wednesdays and present many different rides and social activities throughout the year.
You can find out all about the group on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/highcliffebikers

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Jan 14

News -
At last! The latest Neighbourhood Alert page mentions local incidents, like it used to.
Apparently there have been two house breakins, one in Breamar Drive, and the other in Hynesbury Road.
See the link below for more detail.

Here's an interesting query from someone out of the area.
Does anyone remember a ome for disabled children in Highcliffe? The gentleman enquiring visited his brother there in the 1960s, and would like to know if the building still exists.
Please email if you know anything.

I notice that there is a special Burns Night Dinner (with all the traditional trimmings).
Being Burns Night it is on Friday 25 January, at The Amberwood, and dinner will be at 7:00pm.
I can imagine this will be popular, so booking early is probably wise.
(They also have their annual Valentine's Night Dinner on February 14.)

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Jan 12

News -
We missed the planning application while offline, so it's too late to comment, but to take a look at what's planned for the old Highcliffe Tandoori premises, use the link below. (Any problems with that, the application number is 8/18/3203/FUL.)

The latest CBC Newsletter includes the logo designed for the new unitary council.
It also is still saying that the Zig Zag is to be complete by the end of this month.
There's other content in the newsletter as well.
See it below.

While the Zig Zag work continues, it is worth noting that part of the steep steps from the Castle down to the beach is rotting. Not good, especially when you remember the permanent closure of the last lot of steps that started rotting. Hopefully CBC will be fixing the problem, as they are with the ramp where Friars Cliff meets Avon Beach.

Latest Neighbourhood Alert release is worth a look. It reports a couple of scams we haven't seen recently.
One is to do with TV licenses, the other relates to HM Revenue and Customs.

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