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March 23

News - Not sure how I missed this one, but a man went missing at lunchtime on Wednesday, and Lymington Lifeboat (not sure why Lymington, when Christchurch is much closer) and the Coastguard helicopter were involved in the search. The chap was spotted in the very cold sea at about 3:30, but managed to get to shore unaided.
He was taken to a police van in the Crows Nest carpark to be checked over, but what happened to him then is not reported.

Police are seeking any witnesses to the sad death of an elderly lady pedestrian who was it by a car at Purewell Roundaout last Monday at about 3:15pm.
Anyone with any information should call 101, quoting incident number 18:263, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Following the tragic death of the 16 year old Highcliffe School pupil at Pokesdown Station last Sunday, Police want to urge anyone affected, and who is not being supported by the counselling team already in the school, to contact the free 24 hour Samaritans Helpline on 116 123.

Some people have been concerned by the work that has been taking place at the lake at Lakewood, especially given that the bird nesting season is upon us.
The recent work was to repair and re-seed the banks. The work is complete, and the plastic barriers are only in place to allow the repairs and seeding to become established.

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March 21

News - On March 9 I reported (briefly) that a runner had been assaulted, and that Police were looking for witnesses. The 50 year old was subject to a vicious attack in Ranelagh Road, and suspects were later arrested.
What I didn't know at the time was that the victim is a well respected local, who manages one of our best dental services. Nor did I know at the time that he was in training for the London Marathon, planning to raise much needed funds for charity.
I would strongly urge anyone who knows anything aout the attack, or even thinks they do, to contact Police or Crimestoppers. Details are on the Neighbourhood Alert page (see item dated March 7).

Click here to see the local press report

On a lighter note, if you have no plans for Easter Sunday, you could do worse that go to a charity fund raiser in the afternoon. It's at The Amberwood in Walkford, and there is something for everyone - a huge Easter Draw, with lots of prizes, an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, an Easter Bonnet Parade, all followed by music from the very popular Retro Rita. All proceeds are going to the Bournemouth Hospital Trust, a worthy cause indeed.
(Timings are listed on the What's On page.)

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March 20

News - If you want to see what is planned for the Highcliffe Tandoori site, the planning application has been granted. The site is bigger than it appears from first glance.

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March 19

News - The White Brasserie Company who are taking over The Galleon tell me that The Oaks should be open before the end of June, and that they'll give me a precise date once they are on-site.

Take a look at what is coming our way.

The Highcliffe Action Team (HAT), despite only being formed last Summer, last week won a bronze award at the BH Stars event.

The BH Stars competition was created to recognise those of the hospitality, tourism and retail worlds who make the BH post code area special. Find out more below:

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March 18

News - There's lots going on around St Marks this coming Easter, starting with the Palm Sunday (April 14) walk with donkeys and palms that we mentioned a while ago. See below:
Palm Sunday Walk With Donkeys

For all the other services and activities, and there's something for all ages (including Easter Egg Hunts) see below:
St Marks Easter Activities

The latest Dorset Waste Partnership newsletter is available, and includes info about The Great British Spring Clean, which starts on March 22.
Dorset Waste Partnership Newsletter

The old tv licensing scam is being reported in big numbers. See the Neighbourhood Alert page for details, including what to do if you've been caught.

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March 14

News - Hoburne have applied to amend their (already approved) plans for their old offices site in Lymington Road.
Nothing dramatic as far as I can see, just additional parking places. But sharper eyed residents may spot something different. See application 8/17/1254/FUL below:

Items on this page were going back nearly three years, making the page huge and slow to load.
I have cut it down to this year's entries only, but if anyone wants any items from previously, just email and I'll provide them.

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March 9

News - Good news for Highcliffe bus users. From April 7, the Yellow Bus 1A service, which currently ends at Sainsbury's, will extend it's hourly service through Highcliffe to New Milton, and includes Tesco in it's route.
So users can get to Stewarts and Sainsbury's in one direction, and to New Milton and Tesco in the other.

It looks like it will only be travelling along Lymington Road, but I guess the actual route will be published nearer the date. Many will be pleased to know that concession passes will apply.

There was a rare but nasty assault in Highcliffe last Saturday, and Police are seeking information. Details are on the Neighbourhood Alert page (link below).
Also, the old online scam offering non existent pets has raised it's head again.

Sorry - just noticed that the Alert page has been corrupted and is not displaying the information.
Working on it, so try again later.

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March 7

News -
For many years Highcliffe Scout Group (which comprises Beaver, Cub, Scout & Nyeri Explorers Groups) have raised much needed funds by selling and delivering high quality summer plants, both for bedding and baskets, and are doing so again this year. This year there is also a pre-planted hanging basket available.

These offers are only available to BH23 addresses in Highcliffe, Walkford, and Mudeford, and as a previous customer, I can confirm that the plants are very good quality (grown for the group by a reputable local nursery). They also arrive in eco friendly recyclable containers.

Use the link below to order until the end of March for free delivery on 10/11/12 of May.
http://www.highcliffe.christchurchscouts.org.uk/ (Use the Plant Sales link.)

Any queries should go to plants@highcliffescouts.org.uk

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March 4

News -
Dorset Council, which replaces the six county, district and borough councils, and which comes into being on April 1, has agreed it's first budget.
(I'm presuming that it is just a coincidence that the date is April Fools Day.)
Read all about it below:

The Council has also introduced a commuter challenge, to get people more active by finding better ways to get to and from work. See below:

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March 2

News -
An interesting planning application has arrived at CBC.
It's to change the use of 253 Lymington Road from a shop to a cafe/restaurant.
This is the old, and long empty, Crafty Wood premises, next to Hayley and Tapper Funeral Service.
Details of application number 8/19/0414/PNVRC below:

A resident has raised a question about the furure of the footpath through to Jesmond Avenue now that there are plans to massively extend the Premier Inn. I believe the path is safe, ut confirmation would be good.

Changes - Highcliffe Beach Clean dates added to What's On page

Feb 23

News -
Premier Inns have applied to extend their Lymington Road premises with a three storey, 18 bedroom building, with "associated works". You have until March 13 to comment if so inclined. Details below:

A resident has made the suggestion that all the vans and trucks making life difficult in Wharncliffe Road should be parked in the nearby cliff top car park. While this may seem to be a very sensible solution to the problem, the tradesmen will be aghast. As we know, most are incapable of walking more than the width of a road, and many not even that far.
(Tongue firmly in cheek here - some of my best friends etc etc.)

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Feb 21

News -
Traffic is a nightmare in Lymington Road at present. It's mainly due to the temporary traffic lights at the gas works outside the Co-op, but it is not helped by the huge number of trucks and vans permanently parked in Wharncliffe Road, making that route around the village very difficult to negotiate.
The only good thing is that the works at the Hoburne building site have not, as yet, encroached on to the pavement or road.

On the subject of Wharnecliffe Road chaos, I know that some residents have approached their councillors to try to get an idea when those long term building works might be completed, and I understand that Mayor/Councillor Dedman has contacted the County Council on the matter, but thus far, no response has been received.

I hear that the Zig Zag work is on schedule, and should be complete by Easter. However, the official opening ceremony won't take place until May or maybe even June. (Can't rush these things you know.)

Local police are looking for witnesses to an traffic collision between a car and an ambulance yesterday afternoon in Christcurch. Details on the Neighbourood Alert page (link below).

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Feb 19

News -
Back in early January signs appeared in Chewton Common Road saying that the road was to be closed on January 11, and a couple of temporary toilets were plonked on the grass.
There was nothing to say what was supposed to be happening, and nothing did.
I'm pleased to say that now - a month later - there is a nice new road surface, and the toilets have gone.

Apart from that I don't seem to have missed much. Maybe most people are hibernating.
However, some changes have been made to a planning application for 29 Wharnecliffe Road, where it is planned to put a block of nine flats. The application is number 8/16/0516/FUL.

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Feb 9

News -
A time capsule which includes; memorabilia, literature and pictures of staff and volunteers has been buried in the Count Romford Oven at Highcliffe Castle.
The capsule was buried in the oven, which is no longer in working order, to leave a legacy of the present day at Highcliffe Castle for future generations.

I'm out of action for a few days, so no updates. Keep the emails coming though, and we'll get the site up to date next week.

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Feb 4

News -
A few days ago (on Jan 25) passed the application to turn the Highcliffe Tandoori at 416 Lymington Road into
five flats, and a three bedroom house at the rear.
At least part of the ground floor will still be for commercial use, but with a change of classification to A2, which is Financial and professional services, rather than as a restaurant. See the details below.

Now that the Highcliffe Food Festival is growing/evolving into an arts gestival as well, there is a brand new website to keep us all informed (see below). Chef Rosemary Shrager will be one of the more famous faces to be seen this year, and along with all the food, music, and arts events and stalls, I notice there will even be sheep shearing.
So the dates for your diaries are Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2.

I see that Highcliffe Castle are looking for bar staff. Anyone interested has until February 17 to apply.

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Community Links page updated (new Food/Arts Festival website added.

Jan 31

News -
Dorset County Council have released details of all their proposed road work plans for February. See below

As most know, the Beach Hut Cafe at Friars Cliff opens on Christmas Day for two hours, specifically to raise money for Macmillan Caring Locally at Christchurch Hospital. Along with the sale of calendars featuring stunning photos, and donations from customers who could not make it on Christmas Day, they have presented the charity with an astonishing 9,259.95. Just incredible!

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Jan 24

News -
The latest Neighbourhood Alert offering does not have anything local to us, but there is an interesting piece about the reducing number of road traffic accidents in Dorset, and about the new domestic violence laws.

The Highcliffe Country/Folk Dancing Group has been added to Community Links page, and to Local Organisations page.
This happy and sociable group meet at Greystones at 7:30pm on Thursdays, and welcome everyone, regardless of age or ability. Novices will be helped all the way, and I really like the quote on their website "If it goes wrong, don't worry - its only a dance!"

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Jan 21

News -
Yesterday's Highcliffe Beach Clean was a success, with well over 100 people turning up, and 16 full bags of rubbish were collected, totalling 70.45kg.
Keep an eye on the team Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/highcliffebct
They also have Twitter and Instagram pages, using HighcliffeBCT.

Here's a very early reminder. On Palm Sunday (April 14) there is a walk with donkeys (and palms), starting from outside of The Cliffhanger at 11:30am, and lasting about an hour.

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Jan 19

News -
Yet another residential burglary has taken place. This one was yesterday evening in Waterford Gardens.
See the Neigbourhood Alert page for details.

It looks like The Oaks, which is replacing The Galleon, is going to bring some high quality dining to Highcliffe.
The company making the planning application is The White Brasserie Company.
Take a look at what is coming our way.


Public comment on the latest variation of the Pinebeach Nursing Home site in Southcliffe Road has now closed.
It would be a surprise if the plans (now for a block of 10 apartments with underground parking) are not approved, and "New Homes Coming Soon" signs are on display, but you can keep an eye on the process below. (The Committee Date box is still empty at present.)

Changes -
Neighbourhood Alert page updated

Jan 18

News -
There is still a chance (until Thursday 24) to have your say on the proposed Police Precept.
The details and links are on the Neighbourhood Alert page.

Also included is a report of an uninsured driver geting banned. Although obviously a serious matter, it made me smile.

In fine Highcliffe style, the story of The Galleon takeover has generated a lovely rumour. It's being said that the Applicant is in some way connected to Raymond Blanc.
We'll see.

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Neighbourhood Alert page updated

Jan 17

News -
There was another burglary this week, This one was in Hurstbourne Avenue at around midday on Tuesday (15th). There is a good description of both criminal and his vehicle (which was later found abandoned).
All the details on the Neighbourhood Alert page.

At long last things are happening to The Galleon, which as been empty for so long.
A planning application has been made, mainly for external signage, as the idea is to reopen as a pub/brasserie, so no change of use. It is to be called The Oaks.
Anyone wanting to comment on the plans has until February 5. See application 8/18/3277/ADV is below:

DCC's Green Spaces team has come up with some activities for the coming weeks/months, including walking, craft courses, and even climbing big trees. You can see it the details below:

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Neighbourhood Alert page updated

Jan 15

News -
The plans to redevelop The Rothesay B&B in Lymington Road, which have been with CBC planners for an extremely long time (even by their standards) have been passed.
After demolition of the existing building, there will be 18 two bedroom flats built, with associated parking and bin and cycle storage. Details of application number 8/18/2093/FUL can be found below.
I don't currently know what is happening to the extremely Seabrooke Seals popular swimming club. It might be worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page for news.

A reminder of the Highcliffe Beach Clean this coming Sunday. Groyne H5 below The Cliffhanger at 10:30am.
Parking is free at this time of the year, and you are asked to bring your own collection kit - if possible.
Keep an eye on the Facebook page nearer the time for any change of plan. Not likely if the weather remains reasonable.

Last Sunday's Beach Clean at Friars Cliff was amazingly successful, with 106 people turning up, including 36 new faces. A surprising amount of rubbish was collected considering the beach didn't look too bad at first look.

I've had an email from Castle Wheelers Cycle Club, who meet at The Castle.
It seems that the upcoming local government reorganisation means that the Monday morning health-ride group is, at least for now, is not being officially backed, which is a great shame.
However, anyone is still welcome to turn up on Mondays at 10am. There are 2 levels of rides, both organised with trained leaders and backup, first-aid, radio communication, and advice to gain proficiency and safety on and off the roads.
Also, those who wish to further their cycling ambitions are also welcome to join the senior ability CyclingUK Club, Castle Wheelers, who meet at 10am. on Wednesdays and present many different rides and social activities throughout the year.
You can find out all about the group on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/highcliffebikers

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Jan 14

News -
At last! The latest Neighbourhood Alert page mentions local incidents, like it used to.
Apparently there have been two house breakins, one in Breamar Drive, and the other in Hynesbury Road.
See the link below for more detail.

Here's an interesting query from someone out of the area.
Does anyone remember a ome for disabled children in Highcliffe? The gentleman enquiring visited his brother there in the 1960s, and would like to know if the building still exists.
Please email if you know anything.

I notice that there is a special Burns Night Dinner (with all the traditional trimmings).
Being Burns Night it is on Friday 25 January, at The Amberwood, and dinner will be at 7:00pm.
I can imagine this will be popular, so booking early is probably wise.
(They also have their annual Valentine's Night Dinner on February 14.)

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Neighbourhood Alert page updated

Jan 12

News -
We missed the planning application while offline, so it's too late to comment, but to take a look at what's planned for the old Highcliffe Tandoori premises, use the link below. (Any problems with that, the application number is 8/18/3203/FUL.)

The latest CBC Newsletter includes the logo designed for the new unitary council.
It also is still saying that the Zig Zag is to be complete by the end of this month.
There's other content in the newsletter as well.
See it below.

While the Zig Zag work continues, it is worth noting that part of the steep steps from the Castle down to the beach is rotting. Not good, especially when you remember the permanent closure of the last lot of steps that started rotting. Hopefully CBC will be fixing the problem, as they are with the ramp where Friars Cliff meets Avon Beach.

Latest Neighbourhood Alert release is worth a look. It reports a couple of scams we haven't seen recently.
One is to do with TV licenses, the other relates to HM Revenue and Customs.

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Neighbourhood Alert page updated


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