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Neighbourhood Alert Reports

These reports are as received from the Police Cooordinator, and not edited by me
October 18, 2019

Dorset Police Recruiting 50 New Police Officers

Dorset Police to receive an extra 50 officers in year one of Operation Uplift programme

It has been announced that the recruitment target for Dorset Police is 50 new officers as part of year one in the 6,000 national Operation Uplift scheme.
This figure will be in addition to the existing planned recruitment for officers that Dorset Police already had in place.
On Tuesday 8 October 2019 the National Policing Board announced how year one of the Government’s officer uplift programme would be allocated across all of the forces in England and Wales.
The uplift numbers for both year two and year three of the scheme are yet to be confirmed.
Chief Constable James Vaughan said: “This is a good start and it will bring a welcome relief to our stretched workforce.
“These much needed extra officers are great news for the communities that we serve in Dorset. I would like to reassure them that the new officers will be carefully invested for maximum effect and we have already developed firm plans to recruit these officers.
“The extra officers will assist the Force in moving from good to outstanding in the way we deliver services.”
For anyone that would be interested in a career in the Dorset Police family please visit www.dorset.police.uk/recruitment/.

Message Sent By
Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)

Opportunity To Share Your Views on Policing In Dorset

A unique chance to share your views on policing in Dorset

Dorset Police has launched ‘Your Dorset. Your Police. Your View.’ – a new way to make your views heard to help shape the county’s policing in the future.

On 14 October 2019, Dorset Police launched an online priority setter to give the public the opportunity to put themselves in the Chief Constable’s shoes and decide what is most important to them.

Through a simple slider tool people will be able to make decisions about the resourcing of police priorities in Dorset. The aim is to increase people’s knowledge of the complexity of the work carried out by Dorset Police. The slider will show the potential impact that increasing (or decreasing) resources in any one area could have on the service provided across Dorset.

This information will help to inform the Chief Constable in shaping how the Force allocates its resources in the future.

‘Your Dorset. Your Police. Your View’ will be separated into two stages over the next four months. Each stage will allow Dorset residents to consider on two separate themes that are key to how the county is policed.

Activities during each stage will provide in-depth information about key themes. This will give the public a better understanding to accurately share their views about what is most important to them, and how the police should be approaching challenges in that area.

Chief Constable James Vaughan said: “The last few years have seen an unprecedented scale of change in policing. Every police force has needed to make large financial savings, while modernising and continuing to deliver essential policing services.

“Four years ago we asked the public for their views on our priorities. The findings from that piece of work have helped to shape the Force we are today.

“Through ‘Your Dorset. Your Police. Your View’ we are once again giving you the opportunity to learn more about the challenges and complexities of modern policing. We also want to know what is most important to you - so you can tell us how Dorset Police can continue to best meet your needs, and keep you safe in the future.

“I would urge everyone who lives, works or visits Dorset to take a look at the website and to take part.

To cast your decisions go to https://dp.budgetsimulator.com/

Message Sent By
Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)

September 26, 2019


Between 15th September at 1pm and 12.45 on 24th September a burglary occurred on Ranelagh Road, Highcliffe. It is unknown how entry was gained however the rear doors were found insecure and it appears house keys were stolen from a vehicle parked on the driveway. An untidy search of the property ensued where jewellery was stolen.

Please ensure you review your home security especially if you are going away. If you have any concerns please contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

If you have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 quoting 55190150606 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Many thanks.

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Sarah Burton (Dorset Police, PCSO 6093, Central Christchurch)

Older Drivers Forum

Older Drivers forum
Keeping older motorists on the road safely for longer.

Dorset Police launch the local scheme of Older Drivers Forum which is a not-for-profit making organisation made up of experts in road safety from across Dorset, with representatives from the emergency services to charities, local authorities and businesses specialising in keeping older people on the road safely for longer. We will also offer services and guidance for those motorists who feel that perhaps the time is right for them to retire ‘from’ driving and will be offering our guidance booklets to drivers and these will be made available in health centres and GP surgeries.

We aim to support and engage with the older driver in order to:
Provide those who wish to continue driving with practical and informative advice on ‘driving safely for longer’.
Inform the older driver about the risks they face and ways to reduce them with tips on hazard perception.
Help to identify when the time has come to retire from driving and offer relevant advice.
To give advice to family and friends
Have the opportunity to engage with some practical reaction testing games and tasks

We will be providing two ‘Meet and Greet’ events and two workshops during older road users awareness week in Dorset and these include::
Monday 30th September 2019 1000-1500 Meet and Greet at Dolphin Shopping Centre, Poole
Tuesday 1st October 2019 1000-1500 meet and Greet at Tescos, Dorchester
Wednesday 2nd October 6.30 – 9.00pm Workshop at Weymouth Safewise Centre to book a place email olderdrivers@dorset.pnn.police.uk
Saturday 5th October 1100 – 1500 Workshop at Allendale Centre, Wimborne to book a place email olderdrivers@dorset.pnn.police.uk

We welcome all drivers and especially their families to come and see what all partners have to offer with regards to safer driving for longer and to come and ask any questions or obtain advice. Representatives from Wessex Drivability , Age UK, Police and Fire, Opticians, local authorities and many more will be on hand .

Lord Julian Fellowes has assisted Dorset Police with this scheme and is very supportive of the initiative, welcoming the opportunity to be the ‘voice for Dorset’ . You will find his foreword in our booklet and websites.

More information www.olderdriversforum.com

Message Sent By
Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)
Scheme Prevents Large Sums of Money Handed To Fraudsters

Scheme prevents nearly £1 million being handed over to fraudsters

A partnership involving local banks and Dorset Police has helped to prevent nearly £1 million getting into the hands of fraudsters.

The banking protocol scheme sees bank staff trained to spot when someone is about to fall victim to a scam and aims to prevent them from withdrawing cash or transferring money to a fraudster, with an immediate notification to police.

A total of 168 alerts were raised with Dorset Police from August 2018 to August 2019, with 37 transactions found to be genuine and 131 requiring further investigation.

As a result total losses of £979,912 were prevented. In August 2019 alone there were 17 alerts relating to 11 suspected scams with £51,000 prevented from being handed over.

The average age of those targeted was over 72, with most common type of scams involving rogue traders, phone calls requesting the intended victim to go to a bank and transfer or withdraw cash and romance scams where contact is made, typically via an online dating site, and trust is built up before the offender elicits sums of cash from the victim.

Inspector Phil Swanton, of Dorset Police, said: “We recognise the impact these offences can have on victims and it is encouraging that through this scheme we have been able to prevent a significant amount of money being handed over to fraudsters.

“We continue to work to prevent vulnerable people from becoming victims of fraud and urge anyone who believes they have been targeted by a scam or has concerns for a relative to contact police.

“I would remind members of the public that banks will never send someone to collect your bank cards from your address, ask you to go to the bank and withdraw cash or ask for your PIN over the phone. They will also never call and ask you to transfer money from one account to another.

“If someone calls claiming to be from your bank and you have doubts over their validity, we advise that you ask for their name, hang up and then call your bank directly.”

For more crime prevention advice visit www.dorset.police.uk/help-advice-crime-prevention/scams-fraud-cyber/.

To report an offence contact Dorset Police at www.dorset.police.uk, via email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk or call 101.

Message Sent By
Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)

Dorset Schools Recognised For Commitment To Road Safety Education

Dorset schools recognised for their commitment to road safety education

Primary and secondary schools across Dorset have received either a bronze, silver or gold award for their work in partnership with Dorset Road Safe to educate students about road safety.

In the primary schools category, Heathlands Primary School received the gold award, with Christ the King Catholic School receiving the silver award and Cranborne Church of England Voluntary Aided First School receiving bronze.

The gold award in the secondary schools category was awarded to both Poole High School and Twynham School. Silver was awarded to Woodroffe School and Corfe Hills School took away the bronze award.

The awards were held at Kingston Maurward College and attended by the High Sheriff Philip Warr, Dorset Police Assistant Chief Constable Julie Fielding, representatives of the Dorset Road Safe Partnership as well as schools from across Dorset.

Recipients were recognised for their interaction with the Dorset Road Safety Partnership by facility road safety education in schools by Dorset Police, BCP Council, Dorset Council, Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue and the Safewise charity.

Paul Gray, Headteacher at Poole High School said: “Following the success of our annual Road Safety Day, we are delighted to have been recognised as a school that provides the Gold Standard in Road Safety Education in Dorset.

“This event has formed an extension of our pastoral curriculum for the last 7 years and is integral to the safety of our young drivers and road users.

“We would like to thank all of the organisations involved with delivering this event, and are looking forward to hosting our next event in October.”

Assistant Chief Constable, Julie Fielding, Chair of the Dorset Road Safety Partnership said: “It is really important for us to recognise those schools who are actively engaging in road safety education.

“Last year, 16 people were killed and a further 277 were seriously injured on our roads, and while this figure has reduced by 30 per cent since 2012, we must do all we can to protect all road users.

“I would like to thank those schools who are actively working with the partnership and welcome conversations with schools who are looking to improve their education inputs with young people around road safety.”

For more information about the road safety education schemes offered by the Dorset Road Safety Partnership, visit www.dorsetroadsafe.org.uk

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Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)


August 28, 2019

Together For Good: The Neighbourhood Watch Big Curry

Neighbourhood Watch and The Soldiers’ Charity have announced a new initiative to bring neighbours together to share a meal while raising money for both charities.

Together for Good: The Neighbourhood Watch Big Curry will run for the month of September with supporters of both charities coming together to share a meal, swap their stories and build new friendships. Each meal will be a chance for supporters to give to each charity through small individual donations as well as getting neighbours talking to one another.

Events can be held on a small scale – taking place in someone’s living room with a handful of supporters to bigger events in a community hall where everyone in a street is invited, for example. The important thing is that people come together to get to know their neighbours over lovely food to raise money for two well-loved charities.

Will you commit to holding a Neighbourhood Watch Big Curry this September?

For more information, resources and recipe tips visit: https://soldierscharity.org/big-curry/together-for-good/

Help us spread the word by forwarding this email on to people who may be interested. Alternatively share our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Message Sent By
William Murphy (NHWN, Administrator, England and Wales)

August 22, 2019

County Lines - Protecting Vulnerable People from Drug Gangs

Spot the signs of County Lines - police launch campaign to protect vulnerable people from drugs gangs

Dorset Police has launched a campaign urging the public to spot the signs of County Lines and help protect vulnerable people from drugs gangs.

County Lines is the term used to describe urban gangs supplying drugs to suburban areas, as well as market and coastal towns, by using dedicated mobile phone lines.
Criminals across the country use children and vulnerable people of all ages to courier drugs and money. These drug dealers will often take up residence in a person’s home - known as cuckooing - to sell drugs in the local area.
Once caught up in County Lines, exploited individuals are at risk of extreme physical and/or sexual violence, gang recriminations and trafficking.
As part of its strategy to safeguard young and vulnerable people, Dorset Police is working to raise awareness of County Lines over the busy summer months.
And although the county remains among the safest places in the UK to live, work or holiday in, police are asking both local people and visitors to stay alert to spot the signs of County Lines - and to report them.
Superintendent Caroline Naughton explains: “Protecting the vulnerable and tackling the supply of drugs is a priority for Dorset Police, and we recognise the detrimental impact it has on local communities.
“We know that County Lines is not a problem that can be solved by police efforts alone, and locally we have developed a successful neighbourhood policing response to drug issues and protecting vulnerable people who are at risk of exploitation linked to drug taking and supply.
“Our local neighbourhood officers regularly patrol areas that are known for street dealing and carry out safeguarding visits on vulnerable people living in our communities.
“However, we rely on members of the public reporting information to us and this campaign is aimed at raising more awareness of the signs that someone could be involved in a county lines drug network.”
Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill says: “County Lines is a growing problem, not just in Dorset but across the country. It is something that the police can’t tackle alone.
“We need the support of our communities to continue to provide information to Dorset Police about suspected drug-related offences. We’re asking residents, as well as people visiting the county, to be aware of the signs of County Lines exploitation and to contact the police if they spot anything.”
Signs to look for:
• A young person going missing from school or home;
• Meeting with unfamiliar adults and/or a change in behaviour;
• Using drugs and alcohol;
• Money or expensive gifts they can’t account for;
• A neighbour who has not been seen for a while;
• More people calling at a neighbour’s home – often at unsociable hours;
• Suspicious vehicles/people attending a neighbour’s home.
If you have spotted the signs – please tell police.
Call 101, report it online at dorset.police.uk/do-it-online, or contact Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111.
If you suspect someone is in immediate danger, call 999.

Message Sent By
Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)

August 12, 2019

Update -Serious Collision 9 August

Update in relation to serious collision in Christchurch

A woman involved in a serious road traffic collision in Christchurch has sadly died from her injuries.

Dorset Police was called at 10.29am on Friday 9 August 2019 to a report of a collision on Barrack Road, outside the Premier Inn hotel.

The collision involved a white Volvo lorry and a grey Mazda 6, which subsequently collided with a wall of the hotel as well as a number of parked vehicles in the car park.

Officers attended, along with the ambulance and fire services, and the driver of the Mazda – a woman aged in her 80s and from Christchurch – was freed from the vehicle before being airlifted to Southampton General Hospital.

Very sadly she was pronounced dead at the hospital last night, Friday 9 August 2019. The woman’s family has been informed and are being supported by specially-trained officers.

Police Sergeant Fern Graham, of the traffic unit, said: “Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.

“We are continuing to investigate this collision to establish the full circumstances and I would urge any witnesses who have not already spoken to police or anyone with dashcam footage to contact us.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police at www.dorset.police.uk, via email SCIT@dorset.pnn.police.uk or by calling 101, quoting incident number 9:129.
Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or via www.crimestoppers-uk.org.

Message Sent By
Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)
August 12, 2019

Dorset Police releases results of 2019 firearms and ammunition surrender

82 items were handed in to Dorset Police during the firearms and ammunition surrender which ran from 20 July – 4 August this year.

The national campaign, instigated by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS), was supported by other forces around the country, including Devon & Cornwall Police.

Items were voluntarily surrendered at police stations in Bournemouth, Weymouth and Poole.

Michelle Mounsey, Head of the Alliance Firearms and Explosives Licensing department for Dorset Police and Devon & Cornwall Police, said: “As a result of this firearms surrender, all of these items are now permanently out of potential circulation. While not every firearm is owned with the intent of criminal activity, every firearm can become a weapon in the wrong hands, removing the guns from circulation reduces the risk of danger to public safety.

“The campaign was an opportunity for anyone to hand in illegal, unregistered or unwanted firearms without risk of arrest at the point of surrender and while the campaign is now over, I would encourage anyone in possession of a firearm or ammunition that they no longer want to contact us for safe disposal.”

Information about firearms licensing in Dorset can be found here: www.dorset.police.uk/help-advice-crime-prevention/safety-in-your-community/firearms-and-explosives-licensing

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill said: “Dorset does not have a serious problem with gun crime and remains one of the safest places in the country.

“However, I’m glad to see that these items have now been brought into the police so they can be safely destroyed, rather than running the risk of them ending up in the wrong hands.”

The breakdown of the types of firearms handed in during the 2019 surrender is as follows:

Air weapons
Rifles: 16
Pistols: 14

Other weapons
Shotguns: 11
Rifles: 1
Handguns: 2

Ammunition: 30 lots

Components: 6

Pyrotechnics: 2

Blank firing weapons: 2

CS/”Pepper” spray: 2

Message Sent By
Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)


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