Highcliffe Village Partnership
Please note: The Centre Partnership is now known as the Highcliffe Village Partnership.
This is to remove confusion with the acronym HCP, which already is used by the Highcliffe Charity Players.

The Village Partnership is temporarily inactive, but can be reached through the Residents Association contacts, which can be found on their website http://highclifferesidents.co.uk/

The Partnership was proposed in February 2014, just after the successful first meeting of Highcliffe Traders Association (HOSTA), as a way of bringing all interested parties together to explore ways to improve and enhance the centre of Highcliffe, for the benefit of residents, traders, other village businesses, and visitors.

This proposal also followed the initial study by ex Highcliffe councillor Malcolm Mawbey, in which he sought to indentify problems and issues with the centre of the village.
The report makes interesting reading:
Review of Highcliffe Shopping Centre

The first meeting was held on Thursday, 6 March, and a considerable number of business representatives, local councillors, and other interested parties attended. The initial agenda is below, but the main item was to discuss the feasability of the idea.
Agenda of First Meeting (7 March 2014)

Also up for discussion was a proposed Core Strategy, distilled by Malcolm Mawbey from the Christchurch & East Dorset Core Strategu, which includes a plan of the area under discussion.
Highcliffe District Centre

The meeting was successful, and regular meetings have been held since, with much work and investigation being put into the many suggestions proposed and discussed.

Minutes of the Partnership meetings since are available below for your interest. Also available are various other files produced and aquired, which may shed some more light on the issues involved.

To see minutes from meetings from 2014 and 2015, plus older reports and petitions, Click HERE.

Minutes (12 April 2016)

No meeting in March

Minutes (9 February 2016)

Minutes (12 January 2016)

Annual Report 2015-2016

On Street Parking Report

Vision for Highcliffe Exhibition - The Results

Case for 20 mph Limit Through Highcliffe, Revised

Wortley Road Car Park Report

Annual Report 2014-2015

Forming a Parish Council


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