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Businesses not listed elsewhere
To have your business listed, EMAIL me.
* Hayes Travel, 324 Lymington Road, BH23 5EY
* Capstan Security Wessex, 282 Lymington Road, BH23 5ET, 01425 270527
* Colour Copier Wide range of services - photographic, printing, copying, design.
413 Lymington Road, highcliffe, BH23 5EN. email
01425 276776
* CORAL Turf Accountant, 315 Lymington Road, BH23 5EG
* All Electric Tattoo & Piercing Studio, 335 Lymington Road, BH23 5EG
* Highcliffe Coach Holidays, 312 Lymington Road, BH23 5ET
* Highcliffe Watchmakers, Waterford Road. (No phone number - you need to visit)
* Promotional Printing, 01202 477655. Everything from photo restoration and manipulation and canvas prints, to signs and posters
* Highcliffe Launderette, Sea Corner, BH23 5EL
* Vapourtrade.com, 4 Highcliffe Corner, 401 Lymington Road, Highcliffe. BH23 5EL


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