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Highcliffe Charities

This is the name given to four small charitable funds which are administered together. They are linked to St Mark’s Church in that the trustees are Veronica Brown and two others who are currently Mark Hadfield a former Churchwarden, and Tony Parkinson, a retired solicitor.

The total income available for distribution each year is currently about £300, but income recently has been accumulated because no beneficiaries have been identified. One of the four charities provides for the benefits to be paid to someone connected with St Mark’s Church.
The difficulty the trustees face is how to identify suitable cases when considering how to distribute these funds.

If any person knows any person, living in the Highcliffe area, whose circumstances either short or long term might justify a grant by the trustees they are requested to contact the trustees in confidence giving as much information as they can.

Veronica Brown can be contacted by telephone on 07921 514906 or by e-mail at vicar@stmarkshighcliffe.org.uk


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