Highcliffe Community Association

THE Highcliffe Community Association is a registered Charity (No. 278035) and has its headquarters at Greystones House, Waterford Road Highcliffe, BH23 4TS (Tel:01425 278756).
The Association is entirely self-financing and is non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion. It exists to provide facilities for social welfare, recreation and leisure-time pursuits for all age groups.
Currently the Association has a membership of about 2,200 and its activities are many and varied and include computer studies, camcorder, rambling, dancing - ballroom, sequence and country and line dancing, art, crafts, bridge, music-making, yoga and much more.
In fact, the Association endeavours to cater for all tastes. A Newsletter is published in-house giving full details of on-going activities.
There is an open invitation to people, particularly those new to the area, to call in at Greystones on any Friday morning to find out more about us, and to apply for membership.

* For only 6 per annum (including 1 enrolment fee) you can become a member of this thriving association, with all it's many activities and facilities.

Please address any mail to:
The Secretary
Highcliffe Community Association
Waterford Road
BH23 4TS
The Sections Regular meetings - weekly unless stated

Monday mornings - 10:00am

Tuesday mornings - 10:00am:

Tuesday afternoons - 2:00pm

Thursday mornings - 10:00am
Bridge - Duplicate

Monday evenings - 6:45pm
Bridge - Duplicate

Wednesday evenings - 6:45pm
Bridge - Duplicate

Saturdays from 6:30pm (if/when booked)
Bridge - Rubber

Tuesday afternoons - 1:15pm
Bridge - Rubber

Friday afternoons - 1:15pm

First Friday in month - 1:45pm
Calligraphy workshop

Most alternate Fridays - 1:45pm

Thursday evening - 6:45pm
Carpet Bowls

Monday afternoons - 2:00pm
Carpet Bowls

Friday afternoons - 2:00pm

Monday evenings - 7:00pm

Tuesday afternoons 1:30pm

Thursday afternoon - 2:00pm

Second/Fourth Wednesdays in month - 2:00pm

Thursday afternoons - 2:00pm

Wednesday afternoons - 1:15pm
Dancing - Ballroom

Saturday afternoons - 2:15pm
Dancing - Country

Thursday evenings - 7:30pm
Dancing - Country (Advanced)

Fourth Friday in month (usually) - 7:45pm
Dancing - Line

Second/Fourth Monday in month - 2:00pm at St Marks Church Hall
Dancing - Sequence

First/Second/Fourth/Fifth Tuesday in month - 7:30pm at Methodist Church Hall
Dancing - Sequence

Third Tuesday in month - 7:30pm at St Marks Church Hall

Tuesday afternoons - 2:00pm

Monday mornings - 10:00am

Wednesday mornings - 10:00am

Third Friday in month - 2:00pm
Ladies Forum

Second Friday in month - 2:00pm
Ladies Keep Fit

Monday 2:15pm - Methodist Church Hall
Languages - French

Monday mornings - 10:00am
Languages - French

Tuesday mornings - 10:00am
Languages - German

Monday afternoon - 2:00pm

First Wednesday in month - 2:00pm

Mah Jong

Thursday afternoons - 2:00pm
Mens Forum

Third Thursday in month - 10:30am

Second/Fourth/Fifth Monday in month - 1:30pm
Organ/Keyboard Happy Hour

First Friday in month (usually) - 10:30am

Second Thursday in month - 10:00am
Piano (at Greystones)

First/Third Monday in month - 2:00pm

Tuesday mornings - 9:30am

Wednesday afternoons - 2:00pm

Tuesday evenings - 7:30pm
Table Tennis

Monday mornings - 9:30am
Table Tennis

First/Second/Fourth/Fifth Thursday in month - 9:30am
Table Tennis

Saturday mornings - 9:30pm

Third Wednesday in month - 7:00pm
Whist and Scrabble

Wednesday afternoons - 1:30pm
Wine Circle

Second Friday in month - 7:30pm
Writers Circle

Second Thursday in month - 2:00pm

Tuesdays mornings - 10:00am

Wednesday mornings - 10:00am
50/50 Shop

Thursday afternoons - 2-4pm
Friday mornings - 10am-12 noon

Rambling, Theatre, Travel sections

See Greystones notice boards, or latest Newsletter

Affiliated Groups Regular meetings
Amberwood Highcliffe Womens Institute Methodist Church Hall
Third Wednesday monthly - 2:00pm
Highcliffe Womens Institute Highcliffe Day Centre
Third Wednesday monthly - 7:15pm
British Heart Foundation .
Christchurch and Highcliffe Band .
Christchurch Lions Club .
Christchurch Twinning Association .
Friends Of St Mark's .
Greystones Investment Group .
Highcliffe Art Fellowship .
Highcliffe Bowling Club .
Highcliffe Christian Fellowship Greystones
Each Sunday - 10:30pm
Highcliffe Womens Townswomens Guild Methodist Church Hall
Third Tuesday monthly - 7:15pm
Highcliffe Flower Club .
Highcliffe Friends In Need .
Highcliffe Horticultural Society .
Highcliffe Junior Choir See the Local Info page for details
Highcliffe Local History Society .
Highcliffe Residents Association See the HRA page for details
Highcliffe Trefoil Guild .
National Trust - Christchurch and New Forest See their website for details and events
Probus Club - Bure .
Probus Club - Twynham .
RLNI Highcliffe See What'sOn page for their events
Royal British Legion Highcliffe .
Naomi House Childrens Hospice .