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Room 298 - clothes agency for ladies and gentlemen. 298a Lymington Road, BH23 5ET.
Phone 01425 837120.
Highcliffe Dry Cleaner - now closed,
New Forest & Dorset Brides, 404 Lymington Road, BH23 5HE. Telephone 01425 619939.
Or phone 07851 385116 for appointments and/or more information
Save Our Shoes (Cobbler, Keys, Leather goods, etc) 342 Lymington Road, BH23 5EY.
Phone 01425 280780
The Sewing Room, 298 Lymington Road, BH23 5ET. Phone 07769 670264. Dressmaking, alterations, curtains
Wardrobe Dress Agency, 422 Lymington Rd, Highcliffe, BH23 5HE, 01425 276928


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