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Highcliffe Methodist Church

Minister: Rev David Hollingsworth

59 Barton Drive, Barton on Sea, BH25 7JH
01425 272796


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Contact Steward Miss Win George 01425 278113
Church Council Mrs Mildred Briggs 01425 275064
Church Treasurer and Gift Aid Secretary Mr Ken Sidding 01425 240296
Communion Steward Mr Norman Bonnett 01425 277373
Organist & Choirmaster Mr Brian Killick 01425 610655
Property Stewards Mr Rod Armstrong 01425 270972
Property & Finance Committee Secretary Mrs Mildred Briggs 01425 275064
Letting Steward Mr Brian Killick 01425 610655
Catering Mrs Jean Davies 01202 064529
Newsletter Editor Mr Ken Sidding 01425 240296
Flower Secretary Mrs Vivian Penny 01425 540101
Pastoral Secretary Mrs Josie Armstrong 01425 270972
Neighbourhood and Mission Secretary Mr Mike Carless 01425 276815
Womens' Fellowship Mrs Daphne Huckle 01425 275674
Action For Children Mrs Mary Killick 01425 610655
Baby and Toddlers Group Mrs Janice Butters 01425 271029
Focus - Mens Supper Group Rev. Roger Gisborne 01425 279155



10:30am Morning Worship
4:00pm Free 2B Alternative Worship

5:30pm Brownies

10:00am Mother and Toddler Group
2:30pm Women's Fellowship

10:30-11:00am Midweek Service
11:00 am Coffee Morning
7:30pm Badminton

7:00pm Guides


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